(Was it a) Good Deal or Not? “MBD w/ FMBA” Edition

This home is located at 3159 Adams Mill Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Gorgeous 3bd, 3fba overlooking the Zoo. Features Garage Pkg, New kitchen w/ Granite, SS Appl. , Break. Bar & Recessed lights. MBD w/ FMBA, Hdwds thru-out, 2 FP, Fenced rear yd w/ Patio, Finished bsmt w/ Walk-out Stairs, 2-Zone HVAC. Amazing location in Mount Pleasant – Steps to Dining, Shops, METRO, Rock Creek Park+”

You can find more info and photos here.

Gotta love acronyms, yeah? So I know this is under contract but I’ve been eager to get a peek inside some of these cool looking homes. I thought some of you would enjoy the photos as well. I’m def. not disappointed and can see why it is already under contract. I am curious what you guys think about the asking price of $735,000 – does that surprise you? Seem high, low or about right?

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  • Bout right for Mount Pleasant given the size and style of the house. If it was a Wardman Style a little closer to the metro it would have fetched more. I notice this says steps to the metro even though its a good walk.

  • well anon, I think it’s low for that incredible view. the reason it’s that cheap is because those houses on Adams Mill are small. The reason it’s not $600k is because of the incredible view of the zoo. Friends rented on that block for years and the views during the winter are spectatular.

    It’s a solid 10 minute walk though- TO THE CLEVELAND PARK METRO! (it’s not near the Columbia heights metro)

    • Looks like its over a mile to Cleveland Park Metro by Gmaps Pedometer. And thats with some hefty uphill. So I’d like to clock you walking it in 10 minutes. It’s closer to Columbia Heights metro but still a walk at .79 miles. Talking 15+ minute walk there. To me in the city if you want to claim metro proximity we should be talking .5 miles. Don’t get me wrong my idea of walkable is anywhere within 2 miles. .8miles is not “just steps” to metro but realtors with be realtors

      • I lived within .5 miles of the metro when I lived in Rosslyn and I basically had to walk up hill both ways for a good amount of the time (down hill both ways too). It was a significantly less pleasant walk now, where I have to walk about 3/4s of a mile in a straight line with no inclines. I think I’m close to a metro and consider it just as convenient as my Rosslyn location.

      • Um, I suppose when friends lived there it could have taken us 12 minutes to walk to the Cleveland Park metro. It would take us about 15 minutes to walk back from Vace. I could care less what the computer map says, honestly, if the reality walking from the columbia heights metro says you’re stopped for 2 minutes waiting for the light to change at 16th st or something it’s not taking into account.

        (there are “virtually” no lights between this location and Cleveland Park)

  • priced right I guess. Property in Mt. Pleasant is a good buy – Convenience of a city, charms of a suburb. I have an offer on a condo in Mt. P., hoping for it to go through soon!

  • anonymouse_dianne

    I think it is about right for the area and size. Contrary to some people’s opinion here, it is actually priced below its assessed value. My question is about parking. I don’t see any, and even though it is not far to the metro, a lot of folks still want to keep their cars.

    • There’s an alley behind that block and most houses have small garages [and nice back patios from what I’ve seen of the two or three I’ve visited on that stretch of Adams Mill.]

    • SouthwestDC

      Why would it need dedicated parking? It seems like street parking wouldn’t be much of an issue there.

      • You’d be surprised – It’s not too bad during the workweek, but on weekends a lot of zoo-goers park there and walk down the hill to avoid the $15-$20 zoo lot parking rates.

      • Parking is an issue because interns warehouse mom and dad’s car in MTP. You get a group house of 5 people with 4 cars and suddenly…

  • Listing says it has garage parking.

  • Looks fair to me. Usually MtP houses only go for less than $700K if they need renovations, or lack central air, or no parking. This house looks great. Even though on the small side for the neighborhood, that style of house is very nice. Many of the other smaller houses aren’t as cute.

  • wish i could afford it! the price is definitely right. i love those houses!

  • Great deal!

    And, and did those folks actually have 4 or 5 kids in that house? I count a toddler bed plus bunk beds in one room and TWO cribs in the other room. That’s a lot of kids in a row house. Well done.

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