Uh-Oh Pharmacy Bar Building For Sale?

It looks like the building housing the Pharmacy Bar at 2337 18th Street, NW in Adams Morgan is for sale. I’m not sure what this means for Pharmacy Bar but it’s def. something I’ll keep my eyes on. I know Pharmacy Bar has a long history at this location and there are many many fans of their juke box. Stay tuned as more info becomes available.

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  • It’s one of those places I have only seen at night. What a dump !!

  • If the Pharmacy Bar closes, I’m done with DC. It seems like all the great bars in this town have closed or are not long for this life.

  • am one of many fans of their jukebox…and their martinis!

  • If true I’m moving to Canada

  • Best bar in Adams Morgan.

  • no comment but
    captcha: taprooms north

  • Oh my really!? I remember going there in 1999-2001… awww what a shame. Not like I know what the scene is like currently.

  • I rather like the name “Uh-Oh Pharmacy.” Need the morning-after pill, or perhaps some Valtrex? Come on down to Uh-Oh Pharmacy!

  • Very hard to make your way into this “scene” with all the sneering quasi hipsters and homely women. None of which are saying anything remotely interesting. Pretty boring place.

    Toledo is the best bar in Admo

    • Yeah, it’s pretty cool until you strike up a conversation with the owner and realize he’s a right-wing nutjob disguised as a bartender.

      • when were you there ? NEVER ? the Owner is an old school hippy- punk rock dude who has worked in the DC bar scene for 20 years and owned the bar for 13 years! You obviously have NO idea what the fuck youŗe talking about!! check your facts.

  • I talked with the bartender about the sale/rent signs last night. He said that new building owner will have to honor their lease agreement upon purchase of the building so Pharmacy ain’t goin nowhere. The upstairs tenants might have to move, and the downstairs portion of the building is set up for retail but has been vacant for years.

  • I live above the bar. Yes, the building is up for sale, but it won’t affect any of us. Pharm has plenty of years left on its lease; no need to get worked up.

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