Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu, to Visit Roosevelt H.S.

Photo from flickr user Jared G

Well this is pretty cool. From an email:

“Wednesday, May 12th, should be a pretty cool afternoon. The Secretary of Energy, Stephen Chu, will be coming to Roosevelt (4301 13th St. NW) to see our students working on and building Balsa Wood Bridges as part of a highlight of National Lab Day. is an online marketplace for teachers to connect with local scientists, who then come into the classroom to help out with projects.”

Update: Well that was a huge tease, I just got word that the event has been canceled.

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  • I really hate to be the one to break it to these little guys, but balsa wood is a TERRIBLE material for building bridges! The first car that attempts crossing such a bridge is sure to land in the drink.

  • Some schools get Barack or the lovely flotus, and the rough riders get…Stephen Chu, hypernerd extraordinaire? Bogus.

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