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You can talk about whatever is on your mind – quality of life issues, a beautiful tree you spotted, scuttlebutt, or any random questions/thoughts you may have. I’ll open this thread every Monday and Friday. So anything good happen to you this week?

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    • saf

      Yeah. Too bad the first business they highlight (which I love) is in Parkview, SO not in Petworth.

      • Can’t we celebrate good local press without getting so particular? The article could have also mentioned the two awesome antique shops on Upshur, which are in Petworth, but we take what we can get.

  • Rant: I started my 401K in 2000 and the Dow was at about 10,000. Now it’s 11 years later and the Dow is still at 10,000. I should have stuck the money in my mattress…

  • Rant: One of my friends was dragged and run over by a cabbie in Chicago this week. There was significant damage to his brain when his heart stopped and he’s probably going to be taken off life support sometime over the weekend.

    They haven’t found the cabbie yet. PoS.

  • Rant: misleading CDC report on safety of tap water

    Rave: Biked to(ward) work today
    Rant: Biking to work would require 16 miles of biking

  • I’ve had a great week and it keeps getting better. Back with my lady friend after a brief hiatus, a friend just got out of the hospital today after a major scare, got my federal tax return…It’s been a hell of a good week, and life feels good.

  • Rave: celebrating my 40th birthday tomorrow with some close friends and family members.

    Rant: Tonight I have to clean the house, mow the lawn and shop at Costco.

  • Rant – DCRA denied my permit to build a deck because I dont have enough of a “setback” from the back of my house to the alley

    double rant – at least half the people on my street get to have decks (and we all have identical-sized plots of land and rowhome sizes)…which means they all built them illegally, but am too much of a chicken to do that because I am afraid of the consequences if I get caught (fine and have to rip down deck)

    triple rant – completely unappreciated at work – have determined i will never get that promotion…

    • ah

      Request a variance on the basis of all the other existing decks.

    • What amount of setback are they requiring? We have a really shallow backyard, so this is potentially bad news for our deck plans, too.

    • Take a picture that shows the setbacks on your neighbors decks and make a case that they’ve already allowed it. They can’t selectively discriminate against one homeowner. It’s worth a shot but I don’t know if it’s worth upping the ante.

    • I hate it when you are punished for doing things the right way. I see this all to often in DC. 🙁

    • saf

      They have got really strict – going well beyond where they used to. I went through epic hell with them last year, and yes, now that you have applied for a permit, inspectors will come check that you aren’t working illegally. And no, they won’t notice all the illegal construction around you.

      Zoning can bite me.

  • I got a concert from John Smith, Shaw resident, on 12th St NW/Constitution today. He was rolling his keyboard to play over by the White House and I stopped and asked him if he would play me some music. I requested “tell me something good”, as it was stuck in my head from the bar last night. He sings all originals and was very talented. Made my morning and day.
    I asked how much money he wanted, he said that’s not a question you should ask people, he wanted $1000. I gave him $4, about a dollar a minute!!!

    • speaking of street musicians, has anyone seen Blelvis lately? i miss Blelvis.

      • Blelvis serended me and the gf one of the frigid winter nights while we were waiting for the bus. One of the highlights of the winter.

  • Raves: gorgeous weather, especially in the evenings and at dusk! Good take-out yesterday. Lady friend is awesome.

    Rant: not really looking forward to starting shift work.

  • Rant: DC politics. I don’t understand why people around me feel the need to annoint this guy Fenty as Mayor. The challenger might be a boring old dude, but he seems pretty harmless, steady and cautious. Boring old dude might be what we need? Fenty seems to be a douchebag enriching his buds, and masquerading as a Populist. The schools are still mess, and now the much ballyhooed school czarina is bi-coastal and married to ANOTHER mayor? Sounds like a distraction to me. Please someone tell me why I should vote for this guy? No one’s ever been able to give me concrete reasons. The boring old dude has horrendous Jermaine Jackson hair, however.

    • Don’t forget the cartoon-villain mustache.

    • Stay with the devil you know. That boring old dude will bring back
      the old DC. WE ARE MAKING PROGRESS. Please don’t go back to DC of
      the 1980’s & 1990’s.

    • Schools are getting measurably better year by year. If you don’t see that, you’re not looking very hard.

      Who cares who Rhee’s married to. She gets the job done. Who cares that the teachers don’t like their voices trampled, the kids are reading better than they ever have before. DC is one of the few major cities with measurable student gain this year.

      If you don’t support kids, then vote for Gray. He supports teacher’s unions over kids.

    • I just put a Fenty sign on my lawn. I am open to being convinced there is a better option but I have yet to hear a decent argument made in favor of anyone else, including Gray. If you don’t see that the City is in a better place now than it was 4 years ago, you really ain’t looking. Not sure what “harmless, steady, and cautious” would do for us but like I said, I am willing to be convinced.
      In terms of “duchebags enriching their buds,” you might want to look at an article the Washington Times ran recently on the DC Lottery and how Gray outmaneuvered Fenty to get the contract from someone Fenty favored to to the party that Gray favored. Right or wrong – politicians (all of them) look out for their own.

      • Marcus Aurelius said it perfectly. I will vote for Fenty for lack of a better option.

        • I personally cannot wait to see this election as it heats up, this is big drama and huge racial politics afoot. Of course, I am moving away from DC as Fenty broke my heart so it will be even better to watch it from afar.

          Seriously, DC politics are just the greatest show on earth. I am praying for a late spoiler entry from Barry as vengeance on Gray for his censure. Coupled with Ron Moten beating the bejeezus out of someone while screaming how Fenty has improved the city. All that’s left after that is a Bowser sex tape.

          My current interest is union interest in the elections, most unions seem support Gray but few of their members live in DC so don’t vote. So they need to project influence via smeer and such. Just awesome in the Greek tragedy sense.

      • City is better no question – How much is Fenty?
        Much of the development was already in motion pre-Fenty. DC was spared the worst of the current financial instability. I liked Gray in his role as head of City Council as a balance to Fenty. I also like Rhee. The schools need consistency more than anything (I have two in DCPS)

    • “The schools are still a mess”

      Relative to what? Did you expect them to change overnight? If so, Gray is not your man, the teacher’s union was the single largest controllable barrier in the schools. Rhee/Fenty stood up to them, unionbusting 101. Progress can’t continue if the schools go back to the old way, the Gray way.

    • In what was isn’t Gray “enriching his buds?”

      No one is “annointing” Fenty anything. He kicks ass and is doing an incredible job in DCPS.

      You don’t have a clue what you wrote because most of it is wrong. I don’t need to talk to you to convince you because it’s clear you don’t even read the WaPo on this issue.

      Stop drinking for a week and read the fricking paper if you’re so far behind. blogs will not get you there.

  • I love my friends.

  • I have a question for the PoP audience that I need help with.

    The silent burp.

    You’re sitting at work, the metro, etc and you burp. But it’s not an outright burp, but rather a self contained one. You politely hold it in with your mouth closed. Ok?

    Now here, is the question – What do you do?

    Do you assume that people could hear it and you say excuse me?

    Have you already been polite enough in not burping outright and you don’t need to say excuse me whether they heard it or not?

    I really have no idea if anybody can hear me, especially at work. Obviously I can hear it, as it takes place in my head.

    I almost need some kind of audible gauge on my desk to let me know how loud it was.

    Here’s my real issue – If I burp and nobody hears it, but they do hear me say “Excuse me” afterwards, they’re going to think that I farted. On the metro especially this will be true, since it smells like flatulence already anyway.

    Little help?

    • Don’t open your mouth to say excuse me – keep it silent. People can tolerate much worse than an unexcused silent burp on the metro.

  • Rant: People making asshole comments in response to the post on the poor guy who lost the ferret. If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself. He is upset enough.

  • Rave: The transplanted suburban jackass from Virginia that sings badly on the front porch at 3AM and parks everywhere but in front of his house got evicted! I am just thrilled beyond belief. The landlords girlfriend moved in to help with the mortgage and she’s quiet. No more crappy tenants!

    Question: Has the little ferret been found yet?

  • Rave: Chicken and movies with my friends tonight!

    Rant: The shocking insensitivity and lack of empathy some people display.

  • I always say excuse me because usually there is some movement of my head or shoulders even when silent and I think people can tell what has happened.

  • Rant: Sorry, I asked about the little ferret before I read the posting on him. The guy that’s keeping is such an asshole. Too bad he can’t be found so a ferret intervention can be carried out.

  • Emmaleigh504

    No Antiques Roadshow tickets for me. The question of the necklace may never be answered!

  • Super rave for D’Vines wine shop. I just stopped in for a couple of bottles for weekend guests (and to let the dog cool her belly on their excellent cement floor) and the guy told me he just got in a case of a wine he knew I liked which has been very hard to find lately. (One of their cheap but good – 2 for $15.00 specials – I’m not telling the name!)

    Not only that – the price had gone up, but he sold it to me for the old price anyway! Plus they wheeled it to my house and carried it in.

    Rant – um – too much lettuce and arugula in the garden right now than we can possibly eat?

    And a by-the-way – Willy Watson (local handyman/yard guy) found a ring found this morning on 1100 block of Irving St. gave it to me to post on CL. Unusual shape – maybe zirconium or marcasite stones? Anyone missing check CL.

    • Hey, why not share your wine recommendation? Always nice to hear about something good and affordable.

    • There were posters up at the intersection of 11th and Irving a few weeks ago offering a reward for a lost diamond ring. Not sure if they are still there, but might be worth taking a look.

  • does anyone know what the heck is going in at 3313 11th st yet?

  • RAVE – Stephen Strasburg / John Wall

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