Meet Representatives of the new CVS at Georgia and New Hampshire Aves, NW

Thanks to Kent for sending the word. I also heard that this CVS will open its doors May 21st. From a press release:

“What: Meet the regional managers of the new CVS.
Where: Park View school auditorium (3560 Warder Street, NW)
When: Tuesday, May 11, 2010, 6:30 p.m.

Whether you have questions about the soon-to-open CVS at Georgia and New Hampshire Avenues or are just curious, CVS representatives will be in the neighborhood to meet, greet, and answer questions from the community.

Developer Robb LaKritz will also be on hand to speak about the project as well.”

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  • God, what mixed news, what could have been an awesome neighborhood anchor is a cookie cutter CVS, ah well, good for those with late night pharmaceutical needs!? Someone ask, will it be 24-hour service? What’s next? McDonald’s?

    • Prince Of Petworth

      I gotta disagree with you. This section of Park View/Petworth needs a pharamcy/drug store.

    • saf

      Indeed – what a waste of good space.

    • What would define an awesome neighborhood anchor?

      I assume you mean something like Whole Foods or Trader Joes? While I share your dream, I don’t think another grocery store would come with two others in such close proximity.

      I’m happy to see both a shopping need and an empty lot filled (in short order, no less).

      • saf

        I don’t really want either of those.

        I would love to have seen that as a park. Or as a mixed-use building. (and the %^&*^%* CVS could have gone in there)

        In general, as something with a bit more density and much less cookie-cutter character.

        • do you have any idea the timeline that would be associated with a mixed use building? Park Place started construction in December 2006. Last I checked, that was about 3.5 years from the time it opened…which doesn’t include all the time to wrangle over zoning/property rights/community meetings/etc.

          As for a park, the Raymond Rec center is a block away in one direction, and the Parkview rec center is a block away in the other direction. Another park? I think the “park” at 14th and Ogden would be a good example of why this probably wouldn’t be so hot.

          I agree that there are probably much better uses for the space, however, I think the things to focus on are 1) the fact that the area could use what’s going in (ie: it’s not a ruby tuesday or a vitamin world) and 2) the speed with which it went from empty lot/eyesore/creepy dark place to shiny new store.

          • saf

            I certainly do understand timelines. I have been here a good while, and I have seen all this development go in. And frankly, I’m ok with waiting a little longer for something worth having. I live only a few blocks away and use that bus stop every day, so I have a close-up perspective.

            Also “shiny new store” – well, kinda. Shiny new cookie cutter store belonging to a chain notorious for its poor customer service and poor neighborhood relationships.

    • Finally a place near the Metro to get cash at an ATM and buy tampons without having to stand in a grocery line or push past stinky Pete. (Sorry smelly bullet proof glass beer store on New Hampshire, you know who you are.)

  • it seems really stupid. i think they’re just going to tear this building down in 7 to 10 years to build a multi-story retail and residential structure.

    buuut…for right now it’s great. there is a lot of retail space that needs filling in with quality establishments (not cash checking places). Yes Market is great, but it’s a bit limited, and certain things are pretty expensive. i think between the Yes and the new CVS, i think i can avoid trekking down to Giant, or going in Stinky Safeway.

    and the closest other quality drug store is a good 15 minute walk. it is definitely a good thing for nearby residents without cars.

  • A great thing for this area – there are a lot of elderly people without cars in this neighborhood and the Safeway pharmacy does not carry a large range of items. I’ve taken many scripts there and been told the item has to be ordered in.

    It will also be nice to pick up milk and bread on the way home!
    Hopefully they will give employment to some of the local kids.

  • Didn’t you guys move to Petworth because you didn’t want cookie cutter suburban development? This corner looks like it could be in Rockville or Wheaton.

  • Wow. I had heard that Howard University was facing some serious financial woes, but I didn’t think it was so bad that they had to hold graduation in an under-construction CVS!

  • I am so excited to have a pharmacy in our neighborhood, even if it is ugly!

  • Thanks for the update, PoP! I can’t wait for this to open.

  • Vonstallin

    I hate the other CVS up Georgia Ave, and the Rite Aid, just don’t feel rite. Not sure what to say about it not feeling rite.

    This is a short walk and Im glad it is here.
    I keep hearing about multi residence buildings. have they filled up the Place above the subway yet?

    • Give it a few months, and it’ll be just as dysfunctional, dirty and rudely-staffed as every other CVS in the District.

    • As of a couple weeks ago, they were reporting 80% leased but only 55% occupied. There’s a university using something like six units for temporary housing for students in town on a short term program, and I think all six of those officially became occupied this weekend.

      • Yes, but didn’t people start moving in last summer? That means leases will start up for renewal soon. What will the turnover be like?

    • There are only 13 apartments still available on the website at Park Place – out of around 155 (i think?)

  • “dysfunctional, dirty and rudely-staffed”

    I think that’s a point worth bringing up with the CVS reps at the meeting.

    • This is a good point. In dealing with the shortcomings of local CVS franchises, I’ve found that skipping over local management and taking your complaints directly to corporate generally gets swift results. Some local managers couldn’t care less about what you think of their stores, but complaining to the higher-ups seems to do the trick.

    • Great point! The CVS up Georgia lets goons hang out in front, they need to clean that place up!

  • Has anyone ever tried to have a prescription filled at the 5227 Georgia Avenue CVS? It’s so poorly run that you can never get in and out in less than twenty minutes even if you’ve called in your prescription several days prior.

  • I have no issue with CVS, just that building in that particular location. That space would have made a great pocket park, especially if the owners and tenants of the couple of houses on that triangular lot could have been lured into relocating to other dwellings (derelicts notwithstanding) and CVS could have found will sellers to part with their otherwise unsellable downtrodden Ga. Ave commercial space. More shortsighted land use policy in DC. Damn shame.

  • Most of these comments are just ignorant. A new CVS in an area as sad and depressed as our section of Georgia Avenue is a shining star! This is nothing but great news – BRAVO to CVS for braving this area to begin with.

    Now you watch how fast the shit shops across the street close (thank god) and the other new businesses follow. That too is a benefit that the new CVS brings us.

    Then we will see who is calling for “non cookie cutters” to do business in our area. Beside CVS is long time resident of DC, remember a little place called People’s Drug Store…

    As a home owner this only means good things are yet to come… I for one am thrilled. I suspect most of you whiners are renters.

    Now the next time I need a few items I won’t get in my car and spend my money in another area like Dupont. I will take a neighborhood stroll, (before 9 pm-ish of course) to keep it in our neighborhood where hopefully some local residents will find jobs.

    As for the Pharmacy issue – Well that is a no brainer. This is a needed service in the ugly strip of hair braiders, liquor stores, check cashing joints, bums, thugs, jaywalkers, barber shops, and the rest of the entitled ones.

    Isn’t that statue at the Metro called “A New Leaf?”

    Well there you go. We got what we hoped for.

  • What else is moving in? I would love to see POP cover this more closely… This are a has been barren for a long time now. I am glad to see CVS moving in, hopefully they will kill off the crooked corner stores in the area that short change or over charge me every time I got to them. I know Sala Thai is moving in, and Magic Johnson is building a luxury condo bldg by the Safeway/Wendys, but it would be great if a nice large cafe set up across from the CVS at the main intersection. I am not too fond of the coffee shop opening at the top of the hill, its not a great location/scenery spot. Please no more nail salons or barber shops!! We could really use a new Safeway and some good retail stores… That huge church was supposed to be sold long ago?!?

  • Hmmm….I live at the corner of the new CVS. I’m happy to see it come. While I would have preferred a mixed us building, I don’t that that would have happened ANYTIME soon. I’ve been at my spot for 10 yrs very little has changed on GA Ave. I’m happy to see the development that has come…but it is nothing like 14th street. Jim G. has promised to bring development to GA Ave time and time again. Honestly, I think he has failed Parkview/Petworth.

    I hate the CVS that is further up the street on Georgia. I have always done my shopping at the Rite Aid. Again….I’m happy that now I can walk of my door to go to a pharmacy that I trust.

  • PS…one of my neighbors told me that he has lived on my street for more than 40 yrs. The spot used to hold a club and a furniture store. Nothing has been on the lot in the last 40 yrs.


  • Hey….what can we do about that nasty spot called Safeway just a block away from the CVS.

    I hate that store. I have committed to sopping at the new Giant on 14th ST. That entire building should be leveled. It smells like dead rodents and it is an embarrassment.

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