Leftbank Becomes Slaviya in Adams Morgan

Back in early March we learned that Leftbank was closing its doors at 2424 18th St., NW. We knew that a restaurant was going to take its place but we now know that Slaviya, an Eastern European restaurant has opened up in the space.

I had a chance to chat with one of the new owners over the weekend. In addition to an Eastern European restaurant there will also be live music and DJs. Last night they featured a Bulgarian Folk Singer ($10 cover charge). Next Sat. they will be featuring the uber popular Romanian duo, Morandi, who is regularly #1 on MTV Europe according to co-owner Irena. If you want to see Morandi, it will be $30 in advance and $35 at the door and Morandi will go on at midnight (though you can always just go to the restaurant if you are not interested in the music).

Much of the space looks the same though there have been some slight changes. More photos after the jump including photos of the brunch menu.

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  • I can’t wait to try out Saliva. And nothing says Eastern Europe quite like Huevos Rancheros or Steak & Caesar.

    And I sh*t you not, the Captcha for this comment was “Macedonia mind.” Word.

    • Saliva, huh? You have low expectorations…

    • I did try the brunch menu on Sat and it did not look Eastern European, but the mystery was resolved, as I asked about it. The brunch menu is just plain old American brunch menu, because there is NOT anything like Brunch in Eastern Europe.

      They can probably work on it, but their Dinner menu, which is NOT pictured here (don’t think the author of this article gives Slaviya a fair image), is really quite a treat.

      I did come back for appetizers later on and the Kyutfte and meatrolls were just amazing!!! Definitely new and different. Their Dinner menu is quite longer and more sophisticated than the good ol’ American brunch menu.

  • I was wondering when you’d get a note in about this new place. Though I wasn’t a fan of Left Bank, I may have to try this place out.

  • Wow the menu does not even remotely sound eastern european, but then again that could be a good thing. The last eastern european place in the neighborhood was that Hungarian place near Cashions. Horrible horrible food.

    • That place next to Cashions was Bulgarian, not Hungarian. Completely different cuisines. And the Bulgarian food wasn’t that good. They did have some good beers there, though. And the owners were really nice. Just too bad they couldn’t find a decent cook.

  • I wish them luck, but it’s too bad the menu doesn’t have any Eastern European items on it.

    I like what they’ve done with the interior layout on the first floor, though. It looks a lot less like some kind of Eurotrash cafeteria now.

    • Rick, they do have tons of great appetizers and entrees on their dinner menu. It’s a shame the author of the article forgot to shoot the dinner menu. I think the Brunch menu is left over from the Leftbank days: just something that stuck around, as we all like our American brunches.

  • People who think eastern European food is crap have probably never tasted real eastern European food.

  • I dunno. I am feeling fail about this one. Maybe their dinner menu is more Eastern European fare.

  • It’s like Cities from the 1990’s redux, and in so many ways:

    2424 18th St., NW, Unit C1 Lot 2074 Square 2551

    Unpaid Real Property Taxes: $150,388.01

    Unpaid Business Improvement District Taxes: $60,161.79


    • Not really – Cities had really good, interesting food, at least in the earlier days. How are places allowed to get business and alcohol licenses with that amount of unpaid taxes?

      • “How are places allowed to get business and alcohol licenses with that amount of unpaid taxes?”

        You miss the point, ontarioroader.

        The owner of Cities, Sahir Erozan, left the country leaving behind a slew unpaid bills.

        The situation at this address (2424 18th Street, NW, C1) continues. Remarkably, Business Improvement District taxes have never been paid at this address since the Adams Morgan BID was created.

  • so it’s basically the same douchy place that LeftBank was. Only With a poorly spray painted awning and a menu that seems to have been conceived by an autistic child? I’ll pass.

  • Willing to go on record that no where in Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, or the Ukraine one can find a chicken quesadilla.

  • Money Laundering should also be on the menu!

  • Yeah, I think I’ll pass on this, too. Borscht would be great, so would perogies and dill pickle soup. Oh well.

  • WTF! How exactly is this Eastern European?

  • Huevos Rancheros are REALLY popular in Ukraine. Along with the buffalo burger and the Mediteranian breakfast plate.

  • they totally got spray paint all over the brick when they painted the awning. If they can’t get that right I’d be willing to bet they can also screw up a chicken quesadilla. How. where. do people get the money for ventures like this when they clearly have no idea what they are doing. Are they just rich kids with money to burn?

  • I don’tknow about the brunch menu but their dinner menu looks interesting. I also like work they’ve done on the inside, looks very contemporary.

  • I predict this place will be overrun by Nazis.

  • I wouldn’t eat anything on 18th Street if you paid me. OK, maybe an empanada Julia’s after 6 pints at Bedrock Billiards.

  • Eastern European version of the Dream Cafe? Babu!

  • why all the speculation on the menu? this isnt about food, its about filling a niche for the eastern european set to have a place to party. a night on K st here and there is all good but i think the crowd is big enough (and wealthy enough) to support a spot like this no problem. looong bar, big space, they will rake it in. throw in some illicit drug trafficking and you got a typical 18th st establishment. and yeah whats with the awning spray paint job?

  • Some of the people on this page are really ignorant and angry little people. Attacking a restaurant if you have not even stepped inside and tried their food (forget about the Huevos rancheros you silly people). Doesn’t sound like you have been there or know what they offer. You just like to insult. Shame. They seem like nice people, they are just opening, they dinner menu does seem intriguing.

  • I can’t believe no one else has mentioned the travesty that is a menu printed almost entirely in Comic Sans.

    • Thank you for saying that. I didn’t want to complain. BTW ate there last night, and the Comic Sans quickie menu has been replaced with a better looking menu.

  • how is any of this eastern european food?

  • I was there for the soft opening on Monday April 26th. Being from Eastern Europe myself I was not sure what to expect especially from the food. I used to go to LeftBank and liked it but their drink prices were a bit high. I was very pleasently surprised by the food they served. I was just like I remember it back home and very very delicious. Prices were great and the embiance is nice. Given the fact that it was their first night I would say the it went really well. Our server was a little slow but we have to cut him a little slack considering it was their first night. I am very excited to frequent this place and I am very happy that finally a nice Easter European restaurant is in town. By the way the brunch menu is American but lunch and dinner are Eastern European, the food is amazing. Anyone who does not like Eastern European food have no idea what they are missing. It is very similar to Greek and Lebanese food.

  • Adams Morgan has a new Hot Spot! I have ever seen this place as packed since the heydays of Cities. The Morandi singers and musicians and their dancing girls made the crowd go wild. Both thumbs up!
    Speakers should be improved though.

  • In contrast to Leftbank the crowd at Slaviya tonight was very fun, happy and lovely on the eyes. REAL music and fun. The Morandis are a bit like Moby and fun guys. i wonder if the dancing girls also came from Romania. They whipped it up! It’s a one level place and they managed to cordon of a VIP lounge! This was their real opening night. Congratulations!

  • I had dinner at Slavia and thought the food was delicious! They serve traditional Bulgarian favorites that are all very authentic, it’s also a great place for vegetarians because most of the appetizers are vegetarian and in general Bulgarian food has many options if you’re a vegetarian! I highly recommend the food, service and ambiance at this place!

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