Judging New Buildings and Pop Ups

Above is the new 4 Unit condo building coming to 10th Street, NW just north of V St. It took shape really quickly. So far would you say thumbs up or down?

And I think this pop up on 4th St, NW near Richardson is looking much better than I originally anticipated. At this point do you think it fits in on the block ok?

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  • so far that pop-up looks fantastic.
    do you have a before shot?

  • Big thumbs up.

  • To the guy who was denied a build out permit by DCRA: Exhibit 1. House that is occupying >70% of the lot.

  • From the google map image it not so much a pop-up as a replacement.

  • mid city guy

    On the 10th Street condo, the builder appears to have made a significant and VERY unfortunate change to the facade. The rendering clearly indicates the railings atop the bay window projection and the roof terrace were to be partial or half railings atop a parapet, a design element that most definitely enhanced the overall appearance. It appears they “cheaped out” on that detail and the entire facade suffers as a result. What a shame.

    Also, the window pattern on the bay is different. Not bad exactly, it looks fine; but isn’t that the same window pattern on a previous project here on POP located at 1349 V Street?

  • I’m the builder of the first building above at 2106 10th St.

    Mid City Guy- I appreciate the feedback. I’m sorry you don’t like the change in the railings. This had absolutely nothing at all to do with cost. We changed the design because we wanted to allow more light to come in on the third floor balcony, and then we decided to keep it consistent on the roof above. We’re still going to add the same white cornice details, it will just be below the railing instead of on a parapet wall. In regards to your comment about the windows, we ended up altering the grid pattern slightly so the windows on the front and side of the bay were the same size as the two above the front door. The way it was drawn on the rendering, this was impossible, and we thought it looked better with one size throughout. The building at 1349 V was one of the inspirations for the design, although we were more influenced by the window design on \The Murano\ directly across the street. We wanted our building to fit in with the other new ones on the block.


  • congrats to the second building, I think it is going to look great!

  • ok, and now I am going to be really pathetically picky, perhaps the first building should consider a darker morter…

  • Regarding the building on 10th Street: I am very appreciative to the builder for replacing the small and derelict building that was there before. It is a great improvement to a street and neighborhood that’s getting better and better.

  • cool Pop-up — it’s going to have very bright rooms, i think!

  • If they make that pop-up look mansard I think it will look OK. There are pretty many like those sprinkled all over and for some reason they don’t look as pop-upy. I think it is a bit of a trick of the eye.

  • On the 4th St house they also spent a considerable amount of time digging out the basement via the conveyor belt method on that bottom left window. I’ll be interested to see the property at completion…it was boarded up fairly recently.

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