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  • It’s about time!

  • I hear they’re moving to Columbia Heights

  • With all the bangin and INDY burger places in Dupont now its no surprise that a crappy chain serving up week old ground beef went out of business.

  • Yeah, but Timberlakes went under too, and I wept when that happened. Dupont is a shell of its former self.

    I will forever remember my summer working for Fuddruckers as the impetus to study hard and go to college. I never got the fudrucker’s “smell” out of my uniform.

    However, I do know how to cut a bun in one swipe so that when it grills, it doesn’t have any cut lines. That skill alone has propelled me to unparalleled financial success.

    • Timberlakes didn’t “go under.” The owner, who still owns the building, decided he wanted to retire and didn’t want to run a restaurant anymore.

  • Hmm. . . just down the street from where the California Pizza Kitchen closed last year sometime. Has anything gone into the CPK space yet?

    And, um, yippee for the chains running away!

    Captcha: study cotter

  • Not a real surprise. Fuddrucker’s is not bad compared to other national chains, but offers no better pricing and considerably worse quality than the spate of high-end local burger places now around Dupont. BGR is much better, and Rogue States up the block, despite some flaws, offers burgers with far more flavor and far less grease and salt than Fudd’s did. I’m pretty sure Fudd’s product would not compare favorably with the forthcoming Go Burger from BLT, either.

  • I’ll miss this place — always a good time!

  • The one out where I work in Herndon closed as well. Must be tough times for them. I think they closed 10% of their locations recently.

  • Not sad at all by this. Average burgers and way overpriced; all burger joints in the area are far better than this. Hope something good goes in there.

  • Fuddrucker’s was good, but not as good as BGR and probably won’t be as good as Go Burger (which hasn’t even opened but is supposed to be similar to BLT Burger). Fuddrucker’s had some neat non-beef options (ostrich, turkey, bison, etc.). At it was way better than Rogue States (which is terrible). I am sad to see Fuddrucker’s go, unless the thing replacing it will be an improvement. We’ll see.

    Is Go Burger/BLT ever going to open? They announced 6+ months ago, and haven’t done any work on the place yet.

    And anyone know what is going into the old (massive) internet cafe next to 1223?

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