Dear PoP – support an outdoor patio at Toque Café

“Dear PoP,

A new cafe is trying to open at 6th & R St NW, which would be amazing. It will be a middle eastern cafe called Toque Cafe. They are struggling to get a permit to allow a few outdoor tables, and I wondered if you would put out the word that there is a petition folks can sign to support them getting a permit. I attached an email below with all of the details:

The Convention Center Community Association ( supports the application for outdoor seating submitted by the Toque Café located at 1701 6th Street NW, Washington DC 20001. We believe that outdoor seating will not only enhance the restaurant’s business operations but will likely become a popular neighborhood amenity. We also urge you to facilitate the proper and timely approval of permits and licenses for the restaurant to open and begin operations.

Toque Café also needs your and broader community support.”

You can sign the Petition here.

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  • For it. Have they approached the ANC for help? I missed the last meeting.

    I’d also sign a petition to clean house at the permit office.

    • Before everybody and their cousin start throwing mud at Public Space you need to be informed. It looks like any outdoor seating the manager has requested is in Public Space. by the looks of it there is not enough space in that sidewalk to comply with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). The relatively new sidewalk minimum for DC is 6ft,the photo shows there is probably 9 feel total but 3 feet are taken up by the trash can, bike rack and metal post. that leaves 6 feet available for sidewalk AND chairs and tables? I don’t think so. As much as I love outdoor seating i hate to have get on the road to make room for tables and chairs, especially at that intersection.

      • Maybe the seating will go on the side of the building?

      • It’s a corner lot with green space on R street. I presumed they were planning the seating there. I don’t think blocking the sidewalk is going to be a consideration.

  • Why do they need a petition? Is someone opposing their sidewalk cafe permit? I thought the process had been streamlined recently – the form looks fairly straightforward, and doesn’t mention anything about a petitioner being needed:

    Is this the old Chain Reaction community bike shop location? If so, it seems like a great spot for a patio/outdoor cafe.

  • I love that space. One of my favorites.

  • Hi — I’m a neighbor and would love to support the petition. Why do I need to register on the website in order to sign it?

  • Why do you have to jump through this amount of hoops for something as benign as a sidewalk permit? I’ll never understand that.

  • Hi guys – It is the old Chain Reaction site, and there does seem to be someone standing in the way of Toque Cafe receiving their permit.

    I’m not sure why you need to register at the site to sign the petition. I will email the person who set it up and ask. I had the same reaction, but I will say that he registration process was simple and I don’t remember them asking for much information from me.

  • I think they’d get a lot more signatures if they didnt require registration and then check your email and then get your randomized password… kind of strange.

  • Hi All,

    There are several ways to support this initiative. You can log in and sign the petition and give your name and address, or you can copy a portion of or the entire support letter into an email — or customize your own — and contact your appropriate elected officials and Linda Argo directly, or you can come to a local community meeting and sign the paper petitions that have been floating around the community. Something for everyone.

    This is a progressive and logical initiative for our Shaw community and the restaurant in question is in ANC2C … that should be enough reason for those familiar with our area to realize that citizens need to speak to support progress. We need your support, please try to work with us and be compassionate about our online limitations.

    Have a great week and enjoy the lovely weather today.

    Martin Moulton, President
    Convention Center Community Association

  • We are using the petition to galvanize positive energy and support in anticipation of opposition from some folks who usually oppose progressive ideas like dog parks, musical events to activate public spaces, and who have a disdain for public meetings with open discourse.

  • Sounds like a great idea for a cafe here and a nice location. I’m happy to see a new business going in this location. Do you have to live in that ANC to support it?

  • I’d like to see this restaurant come to fruitation and be successful. What is going to happen to those thick tree stumps where the tables will be situated? Not to mention the rats that dine in the rear of the carryout next door. A little landscaping would help.

  • Anyone can sign the petition, but preferrably District residents who might patronize the joint. The owner has talked about some nice plans for the space, to accommodate the tree and roots. He and the community will no doubt address the vermin problem.

  • Unless you’re a big-wig in the mayor’s pocket you can forget about DCRA doing anything to help small business.

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