Credit Where Credit is Due: Kilroy’s Cleaners Kicks Ass in Petworth

Over three years ago I wrote about Kilroy’s cleaners on Upshur St in Petworth. At the time their customer service was terrible. But I told the owner if service improved I’d be happy to let folks know. Well that day has come. They have a completely new staff who could not possibly be nicer. It was amazing. Truly a 100% improvement. So I’m happy to report that Petworth has a great dry cleaning option.

For those a bit west I hear French’s cleaners on 14th Street are pretty good as well. Any other hidden dry cleaners out there that folks should check out. We spoke about OXXO and Georgetown Dry Cleaners here. I have to admit I’m still sorta mesmerized by the automatic pick up at OXXO…

But back on point – if you live in Petworth – Kilroy’s cleaners now officially get’s the PoP seal of approval. I’m not exaggerating when I say it is a pleasure from drop off to pick up. Congrats to the owner who understands the worth of good customer service.

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  • I have been going there for six months, since I moved to Petworth. The prices are a tad bit higher than my old place in Adams Morgan, but the service has been prompt and friendly. No complaints.

  • I use National Cleaners on the 5000 block of New Hamshire Street NW. They have be great!

  • I go to French’s on 14th (just north of Spring) — great place, really friendly owners, and reasonably priced. I highly recommend. Can’t say the same for Georgetown Cleaners on Park.

  • French’s is soooo much better than Kilroy’s. It’s not even close.

  • Ditto for PoP’s endorsement! I recently went back to Kilroy’s after a couple of years and was very pleasantly surprised at the improved customer service. Their prices are a tad high, but I’m happy with the service now and happy to support a convenient local business.

  • I’m really excited about Kilroy’s Green Earth cleaning – we used to go to French’s, but we’re switching because when I stopped by Kilroy’s, the woman at the counter was super nice and they promise no dry-cleaning odor.

  • Does Dave Kilroy still own the place, or has it been sold to someone else not named Kilroy, like 99% of dry cleaners around here? I guess the name recognition is worth something.

  • Looking for a new dry cleaners now so I will give them a try.

    Thanks for you good work POP!

  • Happy to give them a shot again because the location is good.

    My wife and I stopped going after 3-4 visits when they first opened. They lost a sweater, gave us the run-around before refusing to compensate for it, and there was a counter woman there that miserable to deal with. PoP-ers will remember her.

  • French’s Cleaners is great. The people behind the counter always remember me and greet me by name. And, according to their website, they do free pickup and delivery.

  • wandafish

    Jin’s Cleaners on 16th and New Hampshire. The woman there is so nice and great to chat with. She has taken 10% off my entire bill for no reason!

  • Went in there today in need of some quick turn-around dry cleaning based on this post. Their service was great. The woman I spoke with was SO nice. When my last name didn’t come up in the system she said, “oh you’re a new customer!” and welcomed me to the store. Unless there’s something massively wrong with my jacket when I get it back tomorrow I’m sure I’ll be going there for all my dry cleaning 🙂

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