Judging Buildings and Backs of Rowhouses

Woah, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a one level row house before. Do you think it originally had two levels and one was removed later on. I originally though the one level structure and roof deck belonged to the adjacent two level row house but when I took a closer they had two separate addresses.

And nearby is a pretty cool back of a row house. They were both found in Capitol Hill.

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  • On the 1200 block of E ST SE there are a few one story row houses, along with some older baloon frame wood buildings and one of the only remaining shotgun shacks in SE.

  • Yeah there are also some at the intersection of Kentucky and Independence SE as well as some on C St. NE around like 14th or something like that? They are crazy and I wonder who lives in them and how they come to be.

  • I looked at a home on Capitol Hill last September… it’s on a block full of single-story row homes.

    Here’s the Redfin listing for the place, which looks like it sold for $189k.


  • Randolph Street in Petworth has one. I saw a Father and two sons come out of it one morning, not sure how a whole family can live inone (though it is much wider than the one posted above on Redfin link).

    I like the back addition. Very European to mix the new and the old.

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