Tues. Afternoon Rental Option (Reader Request)


This house is located at Quincy St, NW at 10th Street, NW:

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The Craigslist ad says:

“3bd, 2 ba full-house with finished walk-out basement
– updated kitchen and baths
– spacious backyard w/ possible parking pad
– Southern exposure offers great sunlight all day long
– hardwood floors throughout
– washer/dryer
– seperate living, dining, family room/den”

The reader writes:

“I am dying to know what your readers think about the following craigslist ad for a 3bd/2ba single family home just a half block from the GA/Petworth metro station. The price is $2265 plus utilities. Is this reasonable or highway robbery for the area? Please help!!!”

I think this sounds reasonable, what do you guys think?

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  • I think its reasonable. But beware that heating and cooling a house like that can be quite expensive in the hottest and coldest months. We live in a bigger house in that area and had paid PEPCO $600 one month this winter.

  • saf

    I want to know which house this is. Some of those are very nice, and some need work.

  • See, I think so too. Especially since the apts. directly across the street in the Park Place building go for $2400 for a 2bd/2ba. At this place I’d be saving nearly $150. Plus I’d have more space, a yard, and I wouldn’t have to smell anybody’s funky food or hear any yapping dogs through air-thin condo-complex walls.

    I just can’t understand why apartment/condo complexes seem to command significantly higher rents. It seems to me that living in a single family home is far more desireable than apartment living – for reasons that go well beyond funky food and yapping dogs.

    • You really can’t understand it? I’m a homeowner, and I have fantasies about living in an apartment sometimes. First, as Joseph said, utilities. Our February heat ran us $400. Second, applicable to owners, maintenance. I either have to weed/trim/de-litter/paint myself, or hire someone to do it. Third, also an owner’s concern, flexibility. If things get unpleasant, or if you get a new job or a new boyfriend, you can MOVE.

      And the upsides of houses as you list them are not accurate. I DO smell my neighbor’s cooking, and hear their music and their home improvement projects and their dogs. AND I have to pick up or step over their dog’s poop.

      The extra space of a house is nice, but unless you’re the owner and getting the equity, I can’t see why you’d want the hassle and expense that come with. Most apartment complexes offer those little extras like cleaning up the public areas and covering utilities.

      • It’s all about space. The 2400/month at Park Place gets you a super modern facility and stainless appliances, but it’s still tight quarters. Having an entire house to spread out in is desirable for a lot of people – namely families.

        I think this is a great deal for a renter, but also curious which house. Maybe the one on the NE corner of 10th and Quincy – I know renters just moved out, and it looks like they were doing some minimal renovation/cleanup work?

        They *are* jumping the gun a bit on Sala Thai and CVS. Those certainly won’t be ready when you move in April 1st…but I think that liberty is acceptable.

      • @ OAKIE:

        I meant funky food, yapping dogs, moaning girlfriends and banging headboards. I can deal with music….that’s light weight in comparison.

        Plus picking up poo on the street is much better than being assaulted by the smell of dog piss in halls and stairwells.

        Seriously, apartment living offers no privacy and no peace.

    • Sounds like a good deal to me. I think Petworth generally supports a rate of about $600 to $800 per bedroom for group houses vs. up to $1,000 or more in Dupont, Adams Morgan or Mt. Pleasant. This house is in a good location and walking distance for a lot of businesses.

    • other benefits apartment living:

      -most of the bigger/newer/nicer complexes have pretty decent gyms (save you $75+ a month that would go to gym membership)

      -front desk for security and for package deliveries (which is huge if you can’t have stuff delivered to your work)

      -24 hour emergency maintenance (may or may not happen when renting from individual homeowner)

      • Around here, the cost of a 2-bedroom condo, either to rent or buy in any given neighborhood, is very similar to that of a 3-bedroom townhouse.

        The value proposition in the long run (if that’s the only thing you are looking at) is much better for a house. Houses appreciate more than condos – in some places condos actually depreciate over time, since as new stock is built the older is relatively less valuable. You get far more square footage per dollar, and you get things like a yard, no bylaws, no condo fee, you can do whatever you want, and direct access to the street. You get storage space, you don’t need to reserve an elevator to move stuff, you can usually park in your backyard.

        But the benefits comes at the cost of time and maintenance headaches which are very real in an older home. Some people put a very high value on not having to deal with that stuff. It’s really what you want — if you don’t care about the extra space, a yard, a porch, a grill, etc. but really have no patience for dealing with house problems, then go for condo living.

  • I’m actually looking to buy a house like this (or less renovated) to rent to my schoolteacher niece and her friends as a group house, and figuring each paying $700.00 rent is $2100/month for mortgage, so this seems reasonable.

  • Quincy St Neighbor

    Sounds like a very reasonable deal to me, esp. compared to the Park Place bldg’s rental rates with 2br units going for at least $2200 and $1700 for a 1 br.

    I would think that a landlord of such a place would hire a property management outfit to take care of the grounds and maintenance?

    Depending on the insulation in such houses, the heating/cooling bills don’t get totally outrageous. I live in a similar house and my blizzard 2010 February bills came to only $100 PEPCO and $150 Washington Gas.

  • I agree, this is a good deal for the area and proximity to the metro…major inprovements coming to the neighborhood over the next 18 mnths. Look out for a big (local) announcement on Friday!

  • improvements :0

  • this is a very good deal

  • This is as good as it gets. Nicely re-done. We have a similar house near Grant Circle that goes for 1800/mo. Although one of the bedrooms is so small that it barely qualifies as a bedroom.

  • PoP: Did this announcement happen? Any idea what this was about?

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