Scuttlebutt: Columbia Heights Vacant Building Sold?


The photo above is from the corner of 11th and Monroe Streets, NW (across from the park and CH Coffee). This building has quite a sordid history. Bottom line is that it has been vacant for years. A reader says they have heard the building has been sold. I checked in with some connected folks in the neighborhood and they have heard the same thing. Unfortunately the original tip I received only contained a first name so I haven’t been able to confirm this rumor as fact. If it does turn out to be true this will be a tremendous development for the neighborhood.

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  • This neighborhood is TAKING OFF! I’m so stoked!

  • Gorgeous old building, I walk by it every single day. I’ve heard many stories over the years about it’s history, apparently including a sketchy deal originated by hizzoner Marion Barry way back in the day. I am so glad to hear something’s happening at last. Getting that thing occupied would go a long way to reviving the northern reaches of 11th Street.

  • *happy dance*

  • why don’t you just check with the recorder of deeds?

  • Recorder of Deeds almost always has many months lag.

  • please please please let this be true!

    As for the 11th St. Party Zone, I have maintained that the first floor of this building would make great services-oriented retail. A vet. clinic, childcare center, somethings along those lines depending on the inside space. I’m all for bars and restauarants, but I would love to see 11th St. come back as a destination for all times of the day!

  • i’ll believe it when i see it. there’s so much potential for this space, but it’s been mired in controversy and lawsuits for yearssssssss!

  • I figure the ground-floor retail has been vacant for a long time, but aren’t there still people living in the apartments above?

  • No one is living in the apartments as of now, they’ve been vacant for years. Part of the problems with this building were financially unsustainable promises made to the tenants who vacated the space by the con artist who originally was going to redevelop the building and is currently in jail. Those tenants have some claims that may or may not have been resolved, I’m not sure about the status of that but that combined with the economic situation has really slowed up what should be a prime development area. I do believe that the building has sold to a very viable buyer who plans to develop both retail and residential space. I hope it happens sooner rather than later, but it should happen eventually. My hope is that with meridian pint soon to open and the 11th and Monroe park soon to be redeveloped, this building will become far more valuable / attractive a location, making immmediate redevelopment more financiall viable. Only time will tell but I do hope constructions starts at some point in 2010.

    I also remain frustrated by the gorgeous tan building on the corner of 11th and Park. A TON of work was done on this building, but work stopped many, many months ago. It can’t, at this point, take THAT much capital to complete, you would think, given all the work that has already gone into the building. Very frustrating as that should be an attractive, useable residential space bringing activity to that corner. rather than an empty eyesore.

  • A few guys with hard hats were walking around inside the building on Saturday….very exciting.

    I agree with BS.

    I’d love to see a Lebanese deli go in the space.

  • haha, you agree with BS.

    /yes, I have the maturity of a 12 year old.
    //and I amuse myself everytime!

  • Hope this scuttlebutt is no BS!

  • Great news (if it’s true)! Ground level should definitely be retail space. A barber shop/salon and a sports bar would be nice additions to the neighborhood (I can wish can’t I?).

  • YES. This is fantastic news. A barbershop would be key. I like the suggestion about something other than a restaurant/bar moving in. Businesses/facilities geared to families would be a real nice thing for 11th Street.

    That all I said I’m a big fan of the lone toilet seat on in the northwest corner window greeting me on my way back home.

  • speaking of northern 11th st. PoP – Any info on the building at 11th and Spring? what will that become? Is the city still planning on selling it?

  • also speaking of 11th, but further South…what is the deal with the Alliance of Concerned Men building? Is it as empty as this building?

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