PoP PSA for Columbia Heights/Mt. Pleasant Residents Craving Japanese/Korean Food


When I write about retail/restaurants in Mt. Pleasant or Columbia Heights there are often quite a few comments that are lamenting the fact that there are no good Japanese restaurants nearby. While we’ve never officially judged this restaurant, back in Oct. ’08 Tina had visited Adam Express located at 3211 Mt Pleasant St NW. I can not tell you how many times people tell me how great this place is. Many love it for the Korean food but I’ve heard others laud the Japanese food as well. So don’t be frightened off by the somewhat dingy outside appearance – next time you are having a craving check them out.

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  • Their food is almost always excellent and the prices are reasonable.

  • I love this place! The couple who run it are so sweet and the Korean food is some of the best in DC. They have all of your standards and they make it with love.

    The little Korean restaurant at the Capital City Market off of Florida Ave is also a great hidden gem.

  • I love their korean food and my kids practically live on their avocado rolls.

  • I too love this place. Maybe the community can come together and pitch in to get them some nice new signage and a paint job. A couple sidewalk tables and chairs would be nice too.

  • I know people love this place; it’s a hidden jem in the Mt Pleasant neighborhood. I went recently for the first time and ordered their famous bi-bim-bop and a few sushi rolls. The veggies in the bbb tasted weird; they had a chemical taste to them. The sushi rolls were decent.

    I sat at the counter and during the 30 minutes I was there they served like a billion bbb dishes for customers to-go. People love this stuff.

  • They’ll make the bi-bim-bop veggie, replacing the meat with tofu. It’s good. I wouldn’t say it’s amazing, but it’s good. I also like the scallion pancake.

  • Great place – the couple are very sweet and the food has always been excellent. Place your order, go to the hardware store, Sportsman liquor store, get some cookies at Hellers, then back to Adam’s Express and it’s ready to go – all needs satisfied in one block.

  • I absolutely love this place. I love the bulgogi, the bibimpap, and this beef soup which came with a red broth. Everything is delicious and the owners are really really nice.

  • The cute couple that run this place might have a little less then 200 years and a little more than 200 pounds between them, but they kick ass! I love the beef bulgoki and the kimchee soup, among other things. I always ask for extra kimchee and hot sauce, and come home with two great meals for peanuts.

  • I’ll add my kudos to this place, went there a lot when we lived in MtP…..until my wife witnessed the lady pick some garbage up off the floor with her bare hand and then return to making our food without washing said hand…didnt phase me, but she refused to eat there again.

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