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  • This looks a lot like it might end up looking like the new condo building on the 2100 block of 11th St that has been on PoP a few times recently. It has the doors on the left and then the little balconies on the right. Just a guess.

  • Is this a house for gnomes and trolls? It seems proportionately diminutive compared to it’s neighbors.

  • ah

    Porch looks like a good guess. It’s a deep lot according to google maps, so maybe he wants a porch and a little less backyard.

  • the spot where this building is going use to contain a 1905 row house like the 2 to the right of it before they demolition it. it sad when developers destroy historic buildings for profit.

  • it looks strange. and it’s the one that caused the problems w/ this house:

    the neighbor says it’s supposed to be a 2 unit 4 story condo building.

  • Yes, it “seems oddly low & set back from the row…” and it does look strange. And what’s deal with having no roof or windows? Is this an escalation in the efforts of greedy developers to rip us off? Truth is, I dig the whole Spartan/”under-construction” look, but I won’t pay a dime over $829,000.

  • FYI, they added the third and fourth floors today. Now it’s taller than both of its neighbors. They’ve clearly cheated dramatically on ceiling height in order to cram four stories where there used to be 2+basement. And they are moving fast! They barely had the basement dug out completely when the blizzard hit, now have the whole thing pretty much framed out…is this normal, or is this cheapo construction?

  • That would be clearly overpriced. Why, I almost bought a similar \under construction\ place in a sketchier neighborhood for only $499,999 just 10 years ago.

    captcha- “this scores” — you betcha

  • DC has more than enough houses sitting vacant, needed redone etc and condo inventory is high I believe, especially these craptastic 2/3/4 condos on what was once a cohesive historic block. We need the council to stop this crap.

    and awesome captcha “1954 removed” This thing scares me….

  • Ahahaha. Looks like a DIY job. It appears to have a permit though.

  • it is sad when they throw out the old.. For example, 1409 Monroe St: they gutted the interior and now it looks like every other condo you see up for sale.. I had put an offer on that place too and had wanted to restore the place. They even ditched the beautiful transem above the front door with the address in stained glass!
    I’m doing what I can to restore my home on the corner of Kenyon and Georgia.

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