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Folks will remember that Kultura used to have a shop on Connecticut Ave a few years ago before the owners temporarily moved to California. Three weeks ago they reopened on Connecticut Ave. and back in Nov. they opened a shop at 4918 Wisconsin Ave., NW up in Tenleytown. I’m sure many folks would love to see them also up a shop on 11th Street, NW or on Georgia Ave. Their Web site says:

“KULTURAs books is a general secondhand, out of print and rare books store specializing in Art, Architecture, Photography, Film, Fine literature for all ages and modern 1st editions. We also carry a fairly deep selection of global area studies, inclusive of United States history, Political and Economic theory, as well as Poetry, Philosophy, Music, Science, Psychology, Travel, Cooking and Gardening books. We attempt to carry just about any foreign language to English dictionaries we can get our hands on and a boast a very, very good selection of books in French and Spanish.

We buy books for store trade at both the Dupont Circle and Tenleytown locations.

If you must donate books, then we must give you store trade, as we feel it is only fair, which amount of course you are free to use or not. But you could also assign it to a friend’s name, which we will keep on file, for him or her to use, thus a sort of gift certificate.”

These folks really are super cool. So let me know who wants to start the petition for a location of a third store if they decide to open another…


Couple more pictures of the jump.


Downstairs Dupont location. Will be getting fixed up and filled in over the next few weeks.


A souvenir from California, sadly not for sale:



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