New Art Gallery/Exhibit Space Coming to 4807 Georgia Ave, NW


I had the pleasure of chatting with owner/artist Ajani Hobson yesterday afteroon. Ajani, 40, moved to DC five years ago from Richmond, VA. His vision for the space is “a multi-purpose space with workshops, art classes, open mics, and some live music”. On Mondays there will be open mic nights and on Sundays there will be a DJ (and free Wifi). The other nights of the week the space will be available for artists to rent out to show their work.

He is currently waiting on a Certificate of Occupancy (CofO). I saw the architectural plans of the space and it looks like it’s gonna be pretty sweet. There will be a bar towards the back and a small stage towards the front. When he gets the CofO construction will begin immediately. He anticipates the space opening in Mid-April. While he ultimately hopes to add a bar it will only serve wine and beer (no liquor). While food will not be served here you’ll be able to go to the nearby Moroni & Bros, Fusion and the soon to open Ethiopian spot directly next door.

This sounds like it’s going to be a great addition to upper Georgia Ave. I’ll be sure to update as the permits come through and construction progresses.


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  • This is great! I hope things go as planned.

  • This would be an amazing addition to the neighborhood!

  • Sounds great – best of luck as you move forward, Ajani.

  • Hooray for art!

  • Sweet. I live right around the corner, and will definitely patronize this spot. There are still some empty storefronts on that stretch, but I’m glad to see progress is being made! It’s a bonus to see a gallery in the neighborhood.

    (Captcha: rightwing dreading!)

  • 40? He looks so much younger.

  • How is he funding this? Not a snarky question; I truly want to know the business plan and get an idea of how he is going to stay open.

  • He really ought to be working on that liquor liscence now. It takes forever to get one, but it will give him some cash flow, which he’ll probably need pretty badly once the rent bills start showing up.

  • No, totally snarky, how often does he expect this place to be open and when does he foresee coming out of the red?

    And I mean that both ways. When will he see a profit and when will he get better art than that red muck?

    Look, these kind of places sound great. They really do. But unless you have some rich benefactor who doesn’t mind burning through money just to have a cool space, then it’s never going to work.

    And here is some general advice for everybody – Stick with something. Don’t try to make a bar/art studio/dance class/coffee house/oil change/bookstore. It’s too much clutter. You’ve got to keep these things streamlined.

    Art studio? Ok, make an art studio. Oh, it’ll still fail, but at least you’ll know what failed.

    • Philistine much?

      • Ha! Well said.

        But, no, seriously. This isn’t going to last.

        Anonymous, there is no need for us to argue on how art spaces stay solvent. Why, we’ve already got our little example right now.

        Come, let us watch…


  • Jo,
    at 10:01 a.m. stop being a hater, let the man open his art business, stop thinking about how he is going to stay open– who the f r u to want inquire about his business plan. Get a life you dumb sob

    • Um, why is wondering how he can stay in business being a hater? I’d much rather have him succeed than fail, and to succeed, you cannot just have a nice idea.

  • And it’s a fallout shelter, too! I love this!

  • the people who are saying you have to stick to one thing don’t know jack about how art spaces function and stay solvent.

    there is no art space in dc that sticks to one thing and makes a profit.

    • How do art studios make money? I am really curious. There are some art studios in downtown Anacostia. I can’t see many people over there buying art. Same can be said for the GA Ave place.

      • Galleries are closing right and left. Kathleen Ewing, who was noted all over the country for being the gallery for fine art photography, had to throw in the towel. The Post, I think, just did a story about how something like 50% of the galleries in this area have to shut their doors. My question was a real one because I do want him to succeed, and I do not want another empty building. So unless he is independently wealthy, he had better have some sure-fire way of making money.

        • so if he told you his business plan, what would you do with that info?

          • Me, personally? Nothing. Obviously. I was raising for discussion an issue that is a legitimate one and one I wish we could get small businesspeople to focus on.

            Do you just wait around on blogs to be confrontational and nastty?

      • there are a few ways.

        the two in downtown anacostia are non profits.
        they sell art, but thats not where most of the money comes from. workshops, performances, grants, donations make up the rest.

        many galleries rent out their space. many dealers manage corporate collections. go to gigantic art fairs. offer framing. give lectures. etc… you have to be diverse to make money, especially in the for profit art world.

        whats the GA Ave place?

        • The rental for events is a good idea if the space is large enough and they can have catering on premises.

          • “Do you just wait around on blogs to be confrontational and nastty?”

            hahaha. sorry about that. no harm intended. i was just asking a question. thought maybe you could help the dude out since you wanted to know his plan.

  • ah, sorry. Tone doesn’t come across well in blogs. Iwish I could. I wish there were some sort of mentoring thing where successful businesses could shepherd start ups through the process. They need a plan and someone to help them structure a path. But oh, well. I hope he has success.

  • Looks great, I wish him and his new business the best. I will definitely check it out!

  • Yes, best of luck and congratulations. I hope he can provide some Amazyn art in the old Amazyn Hair Salon.

    (And to be picky to PoP, this address appears to be around the midway point of Georgia Ave., maybe even a bit below, so I think Middle Georgia Ave. is more accurate than Upper Georgia Ave., which maybe is above Missouri?)

  • Okay, Great! I love reading comments, honestly the only thing that stands between a man and success, is “that man.” Yes, we hear that, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Sure Art Galleries may be closing left and right, that doesn’t mean this Gallery will close before it opens. I would suggest instead of pointing out the negative and worrying about the business plan, or how to pay his bills, or any upcoming profit, offer suggestions, support, or swing by the location and see where you can be in contribution. Critics always want to tell you how to do things, they can’t do themselves. For anyone that has ever started a business or ever will, I put nothing but positive energy of abundance, commitment, success, and support out there. If your not willing to die for your dreams, their is no need to have them 🙂 Much success Mr. Ajani. My business partners and I would love to see your space and be in support of your vision. Someone did it for me a few decades ago and I get to pay it forward. We will be in touch

  • Wow! Didn’t expect sooo much feedback so soon. Thank u to all. If u have questions or concerns please stop by and talk with me. This is my dream and my vision so it will succeed. My plan is solid and I’m no rookie. The red muck is my baby and has been sold. This venue will be a beacon for the petworth community and beyond. If u are sitting on ur bum with no vision I can understand how u. Won’t get it. If u are in contribution then u know nothing can stop this. I need support, this is true. Just watch and believe. I love this town

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