Good Deal or Not? We’ve Been Watching This Building Edition


This building is located at 2719 13th Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“Living up to its reputation for unparalleled custom detailing, Brook Rose Development unveils a 2-year Columbia Heights restoration filled with intricate carpentry & finishes normally reserved for multi-million-dollar homes. One of only 2 units, this huge 2300 sqft 3BR 3BA + den duplex “lives” like a timeless, elegant residence with private entrance & parking – a “must-see”

You can find more info and here.

Wow, I’m really digging the photos. What do you guys think of the renovations? This house was split into two units. Unit #2 has already gone under contract for $899,000. Does $799,000 sound reasonable for this 3 bed/3bath?

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  • The remodel there is absolutely as nice as it looks in the photos. It is truly the BEST condo conversion I have seen here in the ‘hood. The designer/developer did a great job. I hate to see single family homes turned into condos, but if all the “flippers” did this kind of work I would have a lot less to complaint about on PoP.

    Despite that I still thought the prices were crazy. But, apparently they had 4 offers after one open house.

    Yeah, Columbia Heights!!

  • I can’t comment on the price, but wow those condo’s look amazing. I am loving the kitchens and bathrooms. I especially like the floors

  • Stunning! I’d take one of these over most house porn any day.

  • Seriously nice. 799 for a 3/3, that nice, yes. Afew blocks closer to U, double yss. The first pics Ive ever seen on PoP where I literally wouldnt change a thing.

  • This definitely a steal for 799k. Beautiful real custom details!

  • It’s nice, but you should be beautiful to actually live in it. If you’re ugly, you’ll look even more ugly lurching around in there. And the furniture…a sofa that costs less than $5,000 will look out of place.

  • The prices are insane but I can see why someone would pay them. It’s gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. If only all condo conversions could be this beautifully finished but I still wish these homes could stay single family.

  • Impressive! I think the finishes in the kitchen and bathrooms are especially nice. I covet that white herringbone tile.

    If I were sitting on $800,000, I’d pounce on this place in a second.

  • It’s beautiful, but way too much white for me. It looks like a set for Smilla’s Sense of Snow.

  • Very nicely done and well staged. Bravo!

  • Wow – good on the seller to load this thread up with shills! Yes, it’s nicely done, but the price is insane. Did no one notice that one floor of this unit is a BASEMENT? As in UNDERGROUND?

    and my captcha is “forces colonist!”

  • I used to live across the street, and that house was the last bit of serious blight left on the block. I remember looking up the listing the last time it was offered as a single unit, and finding that it had been listed three times in two years by three different agents, but never sold. The place next door (the grey one) was converted to condos a few years ago, so I guess this was only a matter of time.

    Also it’s nice to see that they got past their problem with STOP WORK notices plastered to the door.

    I think the price is a little high, but somebody will probably pay it. There were four similar two-level condos on Fairmont that were listed for about $600K last year (all-new construction outside and in, though), and I’m pretty sure all four sold for at or near the asking price (which, IIRC, was reduced from $800K).

    As for the comment about one floor being a basement, it looks like most of the “living” space is on the upper level and the bedrooms are downstairs. That’s not an awful layout, really. You’re also your own upstairs neighbor so you don’t have to worry about footsteps above you when you’re in bed.

  • Beautiful place with terrific urban location. Living here you’d never get bored, both inside the home and outside.

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