Good Deal or Not? 1BR/BA Row House Edition


This home is located at 1705 Vermont Ave, NW:

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The flier says:

“Great Condo Alternative. Last house on block under contract in 3 days. Hurry and see this charming 1BR/BA row house. Updated and Move in ready. Great backyard too. MUST SEE!”

You can find more info and photos here.

Wild! I’ve enjoyed showing “minihouses” before but those have always been 2 bed/2 bath. This is the first 1 bed/1bath Row House I’ve ever seen. Does $479,900 sound reasonable?

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  • interesting that the official records show one more bedroom and 100 fewer square feet. It doesn’t look like a 900+ sf place to me from the pictures.

    It seems high for a 1-br in the area, and saving $ on a condo fee would be wiped out by the higher mortgage payment and the upkeep, taxes, etc.

    Also, I would be too scared of falling down/through that floating staircase.

    • They probably turned two tiny upstars bathrooms into one large one so they could fit that large 4 post bed in it?

      • There’s no closet in the bedroom, only 2 free standing wardrobes. No pictures of a bathroom either. Do the stairs lead right into the bedroom, like loft-style?

        I hope the owner reads the comments here. S/he could benefit from minor updates to increase the chance of a reasonable asking price. Simple things like getting rid of the bulky furniture, smaller dinette, fixing the broken kitchen cabinets and downstairs closet door, fresh paint downstairs will go a long way. Best of luck getting $350k.

  • There is a telephone pole in the backyard… Somebody will buy this house and then attempt to get the city to pay for it’s removal I’m guessing… Speaking of. Any update on those chaps from NE trying to move the light pole in their alley with our tax dollars so they could increase their property value and park offstreet?

  • I live in a mini rowhome 1 bedroom in Shaw and my house is priced at 279,000, so no to that deal.

  • Does $479,900 sound reasonable?

    Well, what do you think? When you ask yourself what ELSE you can get for the same amount of money, the answer is pretty much “no.” And the fact that the house has been on the market for 85 days indicates that most everyone else agrees with me.

    • Such attitude!

    • such attitude? huh? just me is absolutely correct. if the last house on the block went under contract in 3 days…and this one has been on the market for 85 and isn’t under contract…it’s clearly not a good deal! agree with the others that said the homeowner would be well-served by making a few small fixes (cabinet door, clearing out some furniture) and some staging. and a real estate agent that takes better pictures!

      • as in fierce. it’s a ‘know your audience’ situation i guess. yes, i agree with most of the conclusions on this board as well.

  • That is a huge premium to pay for a back yard.

    if the owner is expecting to get anywhere in the neighborhood of $480,000 for a 1br, they need some staging, very badly. cramming a bunch of large furniture in a small space is not a good idea.

  • Not even close to reasonable, because it’s so incredibly small. I wouldn’t even pay $300,000 for it.

  • That is a retarded price for a 1 bedroom 1 bath house

  • Ai ya! Tai gwei le!

  • It was sold at the height of the market for $415k. No work has been done to it since. I’d offer $320k. $480k is ABSURD!

  • This is a joke, right? Someone paid $500k for the 1br/1ba next door. See:

    • And that one has a smaller lot too. However it doesn’t have a utility pole smack in the middle of the back yard and could have been staged well with highend kitchen and bath

  • I think it’s less crazy than you guys think. I am frankly surprised that it hasn’t sold–I saw it when it was first listed.

    I think that this will sell this spring for within 15K of asking.

    Agree that the furniture in the bedroom is unfortunately large. Also, they should re-take the outside photos once there are leaves on the trees.

  • Wow… Just wow. Seems really, really high, but with the comp posted, I must assume the houses come with mineral rights and they are on quite an ore deposit.

    Flashback 4+ years at height of the market and I sold a 2bd, 1 bath house a lot larger than this one on capitol hill (7th street) for $489k and felt guilty all the way to the bank. That same house is probably a $399k these days. This house… I’d say $375k but that’s just a guess and still seems high to me.

  • If it is truly a 900 sq ft livible space with a potential to return it back to 2 bedroom, I would say yes since a 900 sq ft is a good space for 2 bedroom place. My row house is 1500 on three levels, I have 3 bed 1 bath, living room, kitchen, dinning room in two levels alone.

  • not for nothin. But for 20k more how bout a brand new TWO bed TWO bath. with outdoor Terrace and TWO years free parking?

    Youll have to wait til fall to move in. But I’d take a lot of condos over this house and I am not a condo person.

    • I forgot to mention thats in WOODLEY PARK a block from the metro.

      • Woodley park? Might as well be Bethesda. Who the hell wants to live all the way out there? All the tax negatives of the city, none of the benefits of actually living in the city.

  • @anon Woodley isn’t Logan, but I agree that is a great property.

    The neighboring house that sold for half a mill was renovated, so offer about $100,000 less for this one, $400,00-ish. That’s your cost to renovate right there. Of course, you might as well get a shiny new condo and save having to sink $100,000 cash to bring the property up to par.

    I predict this house will languish until they get real about price. Renovated and un-renovated are apples and oranges. Could sell in spring for close to previous sales price, $415,000 — with some luck.

  • I recall several years ago the one next door was a burned out shell that someone bought and renovated. I went to see it when it was put back on the market; the renovation was really slick and modern and not too surprising it sold in three days. One of the best things they did was take the convector units out, brick up the openings and installed central air. I’m sure when the neighbor saw that they decided they should be able to get the same price for their unrenovated unit. That seems to be the story in DC.

    • I saw both houses and as anon noted the house that sold quickly was renovated, has central heat and AC, and appeared brighter (or slick as described above). This one does not have central AC appeared stuffy. Although the location is great, they are trying to piggy back the price on the renovated house. I bet it would sell with a 10% price reduction.

  • I visited that house a few weeks ago with my agent and it is NOT worth the money. The space isn’t as bad as some are indicating here and the layout is actually quite nice – plus it has a huge back yard which is a rarity for such a price. There is a ton of exposed brick (big whoop, I know but people like it) and the lofted bedroom is cool.

    The problem though is that it is just simply posted with crap pictures and is about $89k too expensive. I bet someone would bite right under the $400 mark but not much more – for $470 you can get plenty of decent places in this city. Trust me, I have been obsessively looking for over a month (as has everyone else and their mother…)

  • Woodley Park “comp” has a huge condo fee and is a condo. And it’s in Woodley Park.

    So, although it may be a nice unit, it’s not comparable at all.

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