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Well I know it’s not a tragedy but I was very sad to see one of my favorite signs in the city replaced at 315 K Street, NW. The current one is located above and the classic which was recently taken down is located below. I mean, there is no debate which is cooler, right?


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  • No debate. The Globe afro can’t be beat. Plus the look of cofidence on that man’s face is priceless. Any idea why it was changed?

  • POP, you’re extreme closeup is depriving the readers of the seeing the cool Barber pole stripes on the front door.

  • Sad. Awful. Tragic. Any way to find out what’s going to happen to the great old sign? It ought to be in the American Art museum.

    • I talked to the guys who own the shop, who are really friendly, when they were installing the new sign a few weeks ago. I told them how much I liked the old sign, and they said that it’s hanging inside the shop.

  • Pop do you go to the barber shop to get your BUZZZZZZZZZZ

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