Get Free Sandwiches for Lunch at Urbana Restaurant in Dupont

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Urbana Restaurant and Wine Bar located at 2121 P Street, NW in Dupont is giving away 300 bagged lunches on Thursday to celebrate their new lunch menu. You can see the new menu here – Lunch Menu. From an email:

“The restaurant wants people to “fall in love” with the new menu, and since they’re giving it away on April Fools the tagline is “Only Fools Fall In Love.” The giveaway will include a bagged lunch featuring a sandwich from the new menu – the pulled pork parmesan sandwich (made with braised pork shoulder, Bolognese sauce, mozzarella and radicchio), a dilled pickle, a chocolate chip cookie, and a bottle of water. The lunches will be available while supplies last, (first come first serve basis) and they’ll start at 11:30 on Thursday.”

Sounds pretty sweet.

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  • So basically Urbana is saying they don’t want Jews eating there. Thanks a lot.

    • Or vegetarians, Muslims, lactose intolerant, diabetics, and people who won’t drink water due to potential BPA contamination, etc. Only here would people complain about free food.

      • This is supposed to be a promotional event to try and get new customers. Of all the times they could do this, they decide right during Passover to give away bread and pork. That’s a pretty clear message.

        • What is wrong with you? It’s not an attack on anyone or anything – it’s just a free meal promotion. Really??

        • do you ever think about that the 99% of people who don’t have ridiculous restrictions on their diets DONT EVEN THINK ABOUT THIS NONSENSE?

          It’s not a clear message of anything. It’s a sign they aren’t living life according to some bronze age fantasy.

        • im jewish and when i saw this i didnt for a second ..even a nano second …go where your head went. what is up??

  • Is it highly insulting to the Fore tribe of Papua New Guinea that they will not be serving any human brain sandwiches!

  • Sleepy, get over it. Everything is not an attack on a specific population. It’s a lovely spring day and I’m sure there are plenty of people that will enjoy a delicious free lunch.

  • Oh Lord, must EVERYONE be aggrieved at EVERYTHING? If it’s so goddam offensive, just don’t go there. Stop whining. I can’t imagine what a joy you must be to hang around.

  • Everyone settle down = Sleepy is living in a world of which he (or she) is the center of and everyone should always be aware of and cater to the absurd rules of his unique ethnic group out of a thousand who barely make a percentage of the population.

  • Sleepy, guz-Frava (Anger Mgmt reference)

    it’s bad timing, Sleepy, not a political challenge or racist/ethnic agenda.

    They had to choose one of their new sandwiches – this week it negates all the fasting Christians as well as any non-pork-eating person of whatever faith

    any other week would still hurt non-pork eaters, any other choice could hurt non-beef eaters, DUH – someone who makes a lifestyle CHOICE cannot indulge.

    So shut your trap and take your lumps – let the non-religious and/or heathen carnivores enjoy themselves.

  • Um, maybe Sleepy was being funny. I read his first post as being quite sarcastic, and it made me laugh.

    And even if he wasn’t, what is it with everyone’s pleasure in jumping down people’s proverbial throats? I firmly believe the world would be a much better place if people just laughed at those who make completely assinine comments, or inferences that everything is a personal attack against them or their “kind.” But instead, we start 100+ threads to have the same arguement, every single day.

  • I don’t unsderstand why anyone (free sandwich or not) would ever want to go to a wine bar.

    • so you lack the capacity to understand the motivations of people with different desires from yourself. and?

  • The sandwiches were f’in delicious.

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