Washington, DC


I’m only calling this scuttlebutt because I haven’t been able to officially confirm but I believe this has a high likelihood of being true. Here’s an email apparently from an employee that a reader forwarded to me:

“Due to the Whale’s location to Camelot, they have decided to start a new thing on Thursday’s. It’s called Topless Thursday’s. Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to come to The Whale topless. However, the bar staff will be. All of the female bartenders were told to wear “skimpy” bras, and for those of you who have been before we have some HOT female bartenders. Secondly, all of the male bartenders will be shirtless with a bow tie. Yes, that includes yours truly. So come to see the hot ladies and laugh at me. It’s gonna be the wildest thing in DC.”

A few weeks ago I wondered what changes were coming to The Whale (formerly Sign of the Whale located 1825 M Street, NW) but I never would have guessed this…

Has anyone else heard about this? This could be a hoax but if true do you think this a smart promotion?


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