Clark Elementary School Construction Begins


Thanks to Wayan for sending in the update:

“The fence is up and debris dumpster set – E.L. Hayes public charter school will soon start their construction and remodeling of the Clark School [4501 7th Street, NW] in Petworth. This will soon be the home of elementary and high school classes for E. L. Hayes students in fall 2010.

I only hope the paying field around the school stays open for community use.”

E.L. Haynes has a current school building located at 3600 Georgia Avenue, NW.


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  • I’m taking photographs of the construction process for the school. Here is a sample of pre-construction conditions:

    I’m preparing a website with construction progress, month by month. The website for the Georgia Avenue campus construction is here:

    E.L. Haynes at Georgia Avenue has pre-K through 7th grade, and adds one grade per year. The new building will house pre-K, Kindergarten, and the high school age groups. The idea is to set up an arrangement where the older students can readily provide tutoring and mentorship to the young children. Many of the current 6th and 7th graders, my nephew included, have been at the school since it opened at 14th and Irving above the CVS.

    It is hoped, with a full pre-K through 12 program across the two buildings, that many kids who started school at ELHaynes as pre-Kindergarteners on Kansas Avenue will proceed to Georgia Avenue for elementary and middle school, and eventually become tutors and mentors themselves back on Kansas Avenue.

  • What are they going to do with the current building?

    • My kids go to Haynes and it is terrific.

      The current (GA Ave) building was intended for Pre-K to 8th. (I think the oldest kids at Haynes now are in 7th.) They had been looking for a secondary school and got the Clark lease. The plan now, as I understand it, is to have the very little ones (Pre-K to 2nd or 3rd) and the very big ones (9th or 10th to 12th) at the Clark campus with a lot of mentoring going on. The in-between kids will be at the GA Ave campus.

  • Clark’s building is a nightmare. Oh goodness…

  • i hope they don’t close the fence off completely. that’s a great place for dogs.

  • I am bummed they have locked the gate to the field and playground that used to be open (not so bummed about the dogs, sorry dog owners, but you guys sucked at keeping your dogs in check on thge nearby streets and picking up the poop on this field.) Not sure how I feel about mixing my pre-k kid with high school ruffians either.
    First time I visited their playground I found a lighter on the slide and lots of broken bottle on the tarmac. I couldn’t get worse, hope it gets better and also stays open for community use.

  • What a dumb move. This site should have been a mixed use commercial site connected via an underground tunnel to a new Grant/Sherman Circle Metro Station! There is a freakin’ high school 2 blocks west and two elementary schools a few blocks to the east. Just what we need, more rough and ready children wandering around the streets causing mayhem. Ok Ok Ok, not all kids are bad, nor all dog owners. Keep em on leashes please, and pick up that d^gsh*t.

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