Uh-Oh: Derailment reported at Farragut North Metrorail station

Woman on Metro
Photo from PoPville flickr user Bogotron

Yikes, this just in. Fortunately nobody was hurt. But this was def. the last thing Metro needs…

From a WMATA press release:

“A six-car Red Line train headed in the direction of Shady Grove Metrorail station has reportedly derailed near the Farragut North Metrorail station. There are no reported injuries.

Metro officials and local first responders are at the scene to investigate and to safely get customers off of the train and to the station.

The preliminary report is that the front wheels of lead car is the one that came off the tracks. The incident took place at 10:13 a.m.

Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.”

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  • Jez! Metro was an ABSOLUTE CLUSTER this morning – especially the red line. The platform at Gallery Place was beyond maximum capacity, and people were crammed into every car like sardines. Why would metro not have more cars running this morning to accomadate most of the district’s residents heading back to work? Also, it smelled as though something was burning (which, I’ve heard, is not uncommon)from Gallery Place to Farragut North. The commute was HELLISH

  • I guess I made the right decision taking the Green line from Petworth to U Street and walking to my office in Dupont.

  • True. Riding the escalator down into l’enfant was tricky – there was nowhere to get off and the escalator was packed behind. All cars were running on the largo side which clearly threw off everybody.

    On the other hand, there were a lot of 8 car trains this morning and the end two and a half cars were empty while people tried to cram into the middle. Typical, I guess, but with a ten minute wait, I’d expect people to spread out more than usual..

  • Tempers were short this morning too, I saw and heard a LOT more “don’t touch me bitch” and “get the fuck out of my way” than usual.

  • my commute this morning was a bit more crowded than usual, but great otherwise. of course, i have a reverse commute on the red line.

    now i’m wondering whether i’ll be able to get home.

  • Hiked to work rather than train or bus it today. Bus looked packed way tighter than usual.

    Sidewalks were pretty crappy still, although even some of the “snow outlaws” were out there shoveling.

  • Whoa, that was probably the next red line train right after mine. My train was packed packed packed this morning but everyone was pretty quiet and respectful.

    • Unlike the fuckers in the train that was before that one (ie 2 before the derailed one). Empty seats in the middle of the car, but we couldn’t get into the bloody car because people wouldn’t move down the aisles.

  • My train was directly behind it. So guess who had to sit on the metro waiting when she had an 11 a.m. conference call to get to? The derailment wasn’t exactly at Farragut North but somewhere between FN and Dupont Circle.

    My train also was amazingly crowded.

  • This is a state of emergency and thus EVERYTHING should have been shut down and remained so till Monday to keep folks home unless they need go go out for food/fuel. The Metro board needs to be shot, Metro needs to be a regional authority and not the fiefdom of a few hacks. Again, this isn’t about snow. It’s about fundamental weaknesses.

  • Is it going to take another large derailment or collision with multiple deaths to get the Feds to take over WMATA? This is insane. I cut down on my use of Metro after the big collision in June. I think I’m done now.

    • Cats, especially cats dressed up as fairytale characters, aren’t allowed on the Metro. Unless of course, the fairytale character dressed cat is a service animal. But let’s get real…… the whole idea of a service cat is ridiculous….it’s absolute madness.

  • As someone who was on that de-railed train, I can say it was obvious something out of the ordinary happened, as soon as the train ground to a halt. It had stopped just before this just after the FN station…with our train operator stating the usual ‘we’ll me moving momentarily’. However, when it stopped seconds after resuming that was much more sudden. All in all, I can only speak for my car (I think I was the 3rd or 4th car back) but we all handled it pretty well remaining calm and chatting amiably, even joking about our situation. I think most of us didn’t think much of it until we stepped out at FN and were greeted by dozens of Metro and DCFD personnel. Of course, above ground it looked like a major incident occurred with police tape cordoning off blocks around the station. I ran past the media scrum to get to my temp job and, thankfully, they still needed me. I got a lot of sympathy from persons through the rest of the day but really didn’t feel it was necessary. Only once I got home around 5 that evening and checked the Post article on the incident was I pretty upset with what I read…essentially, we were on the wrong tracks and that a safety device had intentionally de-railed us. When I got on that train marked ‘Special’, I didn’t realize how special that trip would be…I already used the bus alot (since I am on a tight budget) and this will keep me in that vein for quite some time.

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