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  • Nope, it hasn’t opened yet.
    The official opening is set for March 8, and there will be some soft opening dinners next week, according to the owner who I spoke with yesterday when I was walking home…she said the people inside were owners and investors, and their friends, who were tasting a sampling of the food (so this would be the ultra-soft opening?).

  • Too funny! Great idea in 3 – 2 – 1…take a year to open, hire a publicist, have them get you 20 interviews around town, broadcast how great your nonexistent restaurant is, tell everyone your open date, then not open! Smart…

    Additionally the post stamp sized flag they are using as a sign couldn’t even alert an ant that there is a restaurant within a in a snow balls throw of this establishment

    Good luck to them but it seems like Amateur Hour at the Apollo

    • To be fair it looks like the signage is really supposed to reflect an actual Japanese izakaya; small flags with various symbols represent different types of eating establishments. I really REALLY hope they are going for authentic here and not just another sushi bar. If this is a real deal it will be popular if only because we don’t have one in DC yet. Bar food in Japan is simply awesome.

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