This Can’t Be A Good Business Model


I know gas prices aren’t as astronomical as they once were but is a Hummer taxi cab really cost efficient? I was shocked to see this guy on 18th Street in Adams Morgan. I’m serious, how does this guy make money with gas, a presumably higher insurance etc?

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  • Probably a personal vehicle paid for by his business.
    Also, I dont think Hummers are that expensive. Even DC cops can afford them.

  • These vehicles aren’t commonly seen, but do form part of compliment of a full fleet of chauffeurs for hire with snow ready SUV’s licensed categorically different within their service fleet for the pupose of transporting VIP’s both military and civilian of vital and essential personnel often national security related all around town particularly here in Washington during inclement weather as we experienced last month.

  • Hey! Where’s the friggin’ Cash Cab when you need it in AM? It’s the cab that pays you!

  • I’m no Hummer apologist, but I’m guessing that a new hummer probably gets as good or better gas mileage than those old jalopy cabs all over the place.

  • Ha! We were flagging down a cab after a very drunken night once and this thing rolled up — we were like, seriously, this is a cab??

    That thing was swanked out, hilariously so. In the backseat we watched a Bollywood movie while in the front seat my friend checked out his large stash of colognes.

  • I think its a good investment.

    I would get into this cab if it was surrounded by a police crown victoria converted into a cab, a prius cab or even a lincoln cab.

  • I’ve seen this cab rolling through downtown DC. frankly, it made me grin!

  • That thing belongs to Frank Dial. It’s their flagship taxicab. Pretty nice!

  • There is a limo cab that occasionally rides through the city sometimes. It’s a pimped out Caddy complete with a TV in the back! Gotta love DC Cabs.

  • ah

    Capital costs may be much lower, given that used hummers aren’t exactly commanding a premium these days.

  • I’ve taken both this Hummer cab AND the limo cab (I really don’t use cabs THAT much).

    Great experience both times. Too bad no one saw me get out though. Definitely kept their phone numbers.

  • I had my first Hummer cab experience this morning and quite frankly, it made me feel important. And superior to the other drivers on the road.

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