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  • Anyone up for a snowball fight? Bulletproof vest optional [but recommended].

  • This is great snow for seeing whole individual snowflakes – but I don’t have a macro-enough lens. Someone should give it a try!

  • I had to head across town to help an aging relative and, wow, people are really leaving their brains at home today. I know it’s a song played a million times (I grew up in DC) about how folks in DC are morons in the snow, but today that song rang throughout the city.

    I’m talking about more than a few people in the middle of a block walking right in front of my car as I’m moving towards them, a car going – no joke – 5 mph DOWN the steep hill on Porter, creating a treacherous situation for the line of cars behind and then causing everyone to get stuck on the way up the hill, cars (way more than usual) not using turn signals, cars making erratic moves like making 90-degree turns in the middle of the street and giving the cars behind them no indication at all. Whew.

    I lived in a colder, snowier place for a few years where you could have faith that your fellow citizen would at least be somewhat predictable and follow common sense but I guess you can’t do that in DC.

  • My street is one way. The two huge Do Not Enter signs are marked very clearly even in this snow storm. The snowplow turned down my street the wrong way and promptly runs into my neighbor’s car. No one is illegally parked. He gets out and looks at it, gets back in, backs up and then scrapes the side of the car with the plow and proceeds to do the block. Now I appreciate the plowed out street but come on honey.

    • ah

      The snow plow operators need serious training here. I understand they don’t get much of a chance, but still. DC needs to send them all to Cleveland or Buffalo for a couple days in mid-November to do ride-alongs to see how plowing is done. They have no sense of where to push the snow, how to take corners, how to avoid cars, and so forth. Total amateurs.

    • That plow operator will probably get a job driving a Metro bus.

  • I’m so tired of looking at the damned snow. I can’t wait till this crap melts! It looks nice for one day until DC’s finest citizens begin to expel their spare chicken bones and 40 oz bottles right into the increasingly yellow snow. Plus, the city takes no responsibility for clearing the sidewalks, so at least for the next couple of days I’ll be slipping and sliding to and from Metro for my commute. Down with the snow!

    • It is the property owner’s (or renter’s) responsibility to clear the sidewalks in front of their property not the city

      • doesn’t solve the problem though – how much sidewalk space is in front of government owned property that NEVER gets shoveled?

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