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Yesterday I asked how people get curb cuts on new construction. Today, I’d like to ask how folks get permission to build pop ups this tall. We’ve judged these buildings on Monroe Street, NW (just west of 14th) before but I’m curious about the one in the middle. I’d imagine the owner(s) has to be pissed being squashed between two big pop ups like this. Can these be built simply by applying for a permit?

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  • I guess I’m not sure why you think the owner in the middle would be pissed. I mean, it’s not overly aesthetic, but am I missing some other reason why it would be a bother?

  • I’d also like to get an estimate on how much this costs. I’d love to add a popup and roof deck to my house someday.

  • Man, that electrical box on the front of the pop-up on the right is huge and ugly.

  • I see a perfect location for a roof deck.

  • the house of the left is only playing with the viewer but that house on the right is a joke, no?

  • You know, the upside for the owner in the middle is that their construction costs may be a slightly lower if they decide to build a pop-up since the two party walls are already built. I think the little piggy in the middle is crazy like a fox 🙂

  • These two pop-ups were done before zoning restrictions in the area were changed. No longer can an owner in the zone (not sure of the geography of the zone) pop-up another level on their house if it’s going to be turned into condos. The zoning restrictions for that block of Monroe were changed after these constructions to help maintain the block’s integrity as single family homes.

    • The zoning variance if the middle wanted to go up probably wouldn’t be that hard. may improve the block

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