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  • I would like to see photos of the specific apt for rent, not just sample photos. If you get the pink bathroom, I say it’s worth it.

  • Might be a good starter apartment for someone who’s new to the city and doesn’t own a car, but it’s not much more than that. It looks pretty old and non-renovated, and there’s no mention of air conditioning (bring-your-own window unit, perhaps?)

  • Might find a 1BR a few blocks west of there in a basement for about the same money.

  • i had looked at those a couple years ago when i was still renting. they are some of the smallest apartments i had seen…

  • I know people who live on the block and pay about the same, maybe $100 less… I don’t know what the size comparison is, though.

  • I looked at one of those studios for my BIL a few years back. It was VERY small and not in great shape.

  • A friend of mine lives in this building….the units are TINY and other than the kitchenette, haven’t been renovated recently. Depends on how much you value space v. living on your own.

  • I used to live here quite a few years back, and unless they’ve done major renovations to plumbing, electrical and plaster/walls/ceilings this would be a bad idea in my opinion. There was also a major roach problem and rats living in the walls. They may have cleared up some of these issues, but aside from new kitchen cabinets and appliances last time I visited the building about a year ago it looked pretty much the same. Great location, but that’s about all it has going for it.

  • OK people – if you know someone paying less rent in the neighborhood, nice to point it out, but it’s meaningless if you couldn’t get that rent NOW. Market rate rent doesn’t mean an average of what people in the neighborhood pay no matter how long they have been in their apartment, it’s the rate you have to pay to get a new rental now. Congrats on being more clever than anyone else I guess, and go ahead and feel smug that no one can get that deal.

  • I’d like to second that last comment. Things along the lines of, “I’ve lived in X neighborhood since ’04 and pay 300 less than that” aren’t helpful at all. Congratulations, you’ve managed to not move in the last 6 years.

    Discussion of prevailing rent for new or recent listings is far more useful.

    • I disagree. I think it’s important to know how much rent has been jacked up. And to have a baseline to know how far is too far. Landlords prey on people not knowing what other people are paying. (Just like your work preys on you not knowing what your coworkers are paid.) I reject attempts at rent inflation.

      • I think a lot of people on this blog like to brag how much less they are paying in rent or paid to buy something like the property in question.

        If the rent advertised is unfair, no one will rent it. You can reject attempts at rent inflation, fine – but you’ll usually end up as the person who lost out on the apartment.

  • As someone currently looking for a 1 bedroom, that is a lot for an efficiency in Mt. P. The basement 1 bed apts I’ve seen go for $1200-$1300.

  • It is overpriced, but I doubt you will find much less than $1000 in this area.

  • I looked at a place there a few years back. The entire building smelled like a trash pit. Needs to be gutted. Not a good choice.

  • I rent a 1BR in this building and I generally like it. I pay 1425 now, after they raised my rent this year by 50 bucks. I think it’s an OK deal for a 1BR in a non-too-bad area of NW DC. U St and Dupont will run you $1600-2000+ for an apartment of the same size.

    It’s right up the hill from Rock Creek Park and about a 10 minute walk to DC USA and the Columbia Heights metro.

    I have heard the roach complaint but haven’t had any problems with them yet. The building is definitely old and could use a renovation though. If you’re looking to save money, and live relatively comfortably, then this is not a bad place.

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