What the Helen of Troy is This?


Anyone ever hear of D.D.T.P. wear? The matches I found in acronym finder didn’t seem to make much sense:

Deaf and Disabled Telecommunications Program
Debian Description Translation Project
Drug Dependency Treatment Program

Any guesses for the proper description?

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  • i searched quickly, and i think i MAY have found it.
    there was a “top 10 clothing lines of all time” list on a site called DaLockerRoom.com
    it’s a clothing line and they mention DC, so…

    “DDTP- Designer Discounters Trading Post- This line was hot hot hot in the early 90’s then poof – like a blunt around Lil Wayne -they were gone. A lot of people believe DDTP “jumped the shark” going nationwide and appearing in Up Against the Wall losing its credibility as a “DC” fasion. But DLR cant hate on any body going out there and getting that Scrilla……”


  • Yep, Just like JodiHeights said, its “Urban Apparel” that was pretty popular around DC in the late 90’s and was supposed to be local if I remember correctly I think it stood for “District Discount Trading Post” I might also be completely wrong… There are still some other brands around, I know “The Madness” on GA Ave is still pretty popular Maybe yuppies should start a new trend in DC pride and start wearing it!

  • DDTP used to have a store on Pennsylvania Ave SE and maybe another one on Georgia around T St [??]. Don’t entirely remember. Along the lines of Cross Colors, Used Jeans, etc…

  • Rugid Wear
    337 Brightseat Rd Ste 103
    Hyattsville, MD 20785 Map

  • perpetuation of poverty through spread of ignorance and illiteracy.

  • I believe these where worn proudly by gangs and various other savages in the late 90s to intimidate and terrify those who had stable jobs and loving homes. The logos usually featured gun brandishing hooligans and other uplifting fare.

  • @ Johnny, you are so wrong. The logo was a picture of the world. But its good to know how you think.

  • johnny, “savages”? really? you are an idiot. and good to know you are intimidated by t-shirts with “gun brandishing hooligans” on them. i had a friend once who was scared of cotton balls, so at least you are tougher than her.

  • The Dude, while Johnny is a racist, you are a damn fool for encouraging violence. I’m sure you’re cool with these images intimidating women and girls. nice job a-hole.

  • I don’t remember guns on the clothes but I remember all the teens and younger adults wearing DDTP. I was in my 20’s then. I did not wear it because it was really DC thing. (The other popular lines were H.O.B.O., Universal Madness, Shooters). It was cool. It was a way to buy local.

    Then Poof gone, hip-hop fashion is like that.

  • fubu is still around, no?

  • Designer discounter trading post

    Big 90’s dc thing which started as lanyards and grew to other items….very similar to Rugid. Can still be found on Georgia avenue perhaps at planet chocolate city? It was the bees knees for fashionable gangsters in the district.

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