Holy Snow!

Lanier Pl, NW
Photo by PoPville flickr user Sanjay Suchak

“Dear PoP,

I’ve been here in DC during big snows, but I’ve never had to get around during or just after one. Does anyone know which roads usually get plowed first? Will cabs be running along the major arteries if they’ve been plowed? Maybe others are in my situation: my flight out of DCA is on Sunday morning, after the snow stops falling but before the metro opens, so taxi is the only option. Just thought you might be able to provide a forum where people can exchange storm wisdom!”

Wow, in my 13 years of DC this is one of the biggest snows I can remember. So for those that haven’t experienced a snowstorm in DC please feel free to use this post as a forum of provide advice to each other. You can expect many side streets not to get plowed for a while. You can see a searchable map here of what streets have been plowed. Hopefully if you are parked on a snow emergency route you have moved your car but just in case you can find a list of those routes here.

From Metro:

“Metrorail trains will stop serving above-ground stations at 1 p.m. today, Saturday, December 19, due to heavy snowfall that is covering the electrified third rail, which is situated eight inches above the ground. The third rail must be clear of snow and ice because it is the source of electricity that powers the trains. Metro officials believe that by 1 p.m. the exposed third rail will be covered by snow. All Metrobus and MetroAccess service also will stop at 1 p.m. because roadways are quickly becoming impassable.”

From a couple of emails if you’re looking to get out of the house a bit (don’t drive!) – Domku on the 800 block of Upshur, NW is OPEN today as is Duffy’s (PoP advertiser) at 2106 Vermont Ave, NW. If other folks know of spots still open today to grab a bite to eat or drink please leave in the comments.

Any advice you can give to folks I’m sure would be appreciated!

Photo of Coolest Pet in PoPville 2009 enjoying the snow sent by @theheightslife

If you have photos of a snow scene please upload to the PoPville Flickr Pool here.

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  • Prince Of Petworth

    A reader sends the following:

    The rundown on eco-friendly ice melt

    How to Protect Your Plants When You Melt Sidewalk Ice


  • Thanks for the updates, PoP. Your blog is a great destination for good and relevant information during weather events like this.

  • Kalorini

    Looks like Metrobus service will also stop at 1 pm today.

  • Having been in the snowstorm of ’83, I highly recommend staying at home, building a snow fort and having mom make you hot chocolate. If you ignored the hysteria over stocking up on TP and water, and are down to your last roll, you are now SOL.

    After about a day of this, you will start getting a little weird and unnaturally giddy. This is called “cabin fever”. It is typically non-fatal as long as you don’t start jumping off of your roof into snow drifts.

  • I remember seeing an otherwise fully stocked supermarket with *completely* empty bread and milk shelves. Now, if you were able to make it to the store, why not just get what you usually get? Is there a rule that if it snows you have to live off of toast and milk?

  • Thanks for posting my question, PoP! Alas, my flight was canceled. I like the hot chocolate idea, Ragged Dog.

  • “Wow, in my 13 years of DC this is one of the biggest snows I can remember.”

    Wait… PoP, you don’t remember that ridiculous snowstorm in February of 2003?? We had about 3 feet of snow, and the city was shut for about a week.

    Come on! You don’t remember that one??

    But yeah, this one is pretty darn massive.

  • Should those with flat-roof rowhouses be worried about all of this snow accumulating?

  • Where’s your Global Warming now, Mr. Gore?

  • Pete’s is open at 1400 Irving, at the Columbia Heights Metro, just south of the Target. We’re running a snowday special: half-price bottles of wine with purchase of a full pie. Also, delivery service is running, but with limited delivery area and we are unable to cite how long deliveries may take due to road conditions. Safety is paramount. FYI, Five Guys is closed.

  • Dulles has one runway open for international flights. I assume DCA has something similar. DCA should have taxi service, they and the drivers would be nuts not to (airport can empty, and drivers can make a killing.)

    If anyone’s waiting for Metro, just get a beer and chill for a couple hours. Or walk/taxi a few blocks up to the nearby restaurants. Jaleo is in the area.

  • Very funny Mike! This storm proves how much of a hoax global warming is. I mean, it’s like 10 degrees below normal! Today! Data showing a dramatic rise in temperatures and CO2 from a century or so of temperature monitoring and analysis of thousands, and even millions, of years of climate data recorded in ice cores and other strata are just outliers. All that matters is right now, right here. Speaking of which, where’s my crack pipe?

  • Anybody stranded? I actually have a whole little vacation apartment available here, 1/2 block from Col. Heights metro. My scheduled guests couldn’t arrive due to snow and it seems a waste to leave it empty when families are probably sleeping in airport hallways.

    I called Traveler’s Aid at National Airport all day (3 different desks) but there is no answer. If anyone knows anyone stuck and in need (traveling families etc.) you can contact me through Craigslist – Vacation Rentals – type “Heart of the City- Half Block to Metro” in the search box.

    I’m not charging – just trying to offer help – any other ideas welcome.

  • A handful of shops on U Street are OPEN if you’re not finished holiday shopping. Nana will be open until 4 or 5p.

  • I said this on the CH forum, but I think it’s really sad that Pfeiffer’s hardware store is doing such sluggish business that they were unable to order rock salt in advance of this big storm.

    Do we not have enough business to support a local hardware store? (Seemingly the answer is people prefer Target and the Home Despot).

  • Utopia Cafe is open on 14th and U St. as well. Not sure about specials.

  • Prince Of Petworth

    Just got an email Red Derby at 14th and Quincy, NW is open:

    “Hope you’re enjoying the snow…We are open tonight by the way full bar and kitchen..”

  • To those trying to get out of the city tomorrow: National expects runways to be open (and cleared) by 6am. Getting to the airport may be an issue as SuperShuttle is not taking any reservations for the next 2 days in the DC area.

    I’m looking for a way to get to the airport tomorrow morning as well but it seems that I’m running out of options if WMATA is not operational.

  • Local 16 is still open if you’re looking for a drink during the snow storm.

  • Big Bear was open and packed today.

  • Wonderland and Looking Glass were both open as of a couple of hours ago (but call before you go).

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