Did You Have to Go to Work Today?

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Well the Federal Government got a snow day. Metro is back is up:

“All 86 Metrorail stations will be open and ready to move customers on Monday morning (December 21), two days after a record-setting snowfall forced trains into underground-only mode from 1 p.m. Saturday throughout the day on Sunday. Metrobus service will also be back on the area’s streets providing significantly improved service from the skeletal service available on Sunday. MetroAccess will be operating limited service from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. for individuals whose trips are associated with life-sustaining medical needs such as chemotherapy and dialysis.”

So what has your office decided – day off? liberal leave? or work as usual?

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  • I’m at work 🙁 I was going to take the day off, but I woke up with no power. With no TV, internet or heat, it’s better to hang out here until Pepco gets there.

  • I’m home and getting frantic since I leave for Indytucky in about 24 hours and I need to start my Christmas shopping.

  • we could either work from home or take PTO, which would be garbage.
    i decided to drive all the way out here to maryland because i knew i wouldn’t be productive enough at home.

    after living in cleveland and almost dying while driving through rock creek park last night, i felt i could do anything today!

    hooray for non-government jobs!

  • work as usual. tight deadlines to meet before Xmas

  • Office open in Silver Spring, could telework or take personal day…opted to just come in, 70 bus up Georgia Ave was actually fine, best commute and still in 10 minutes early to work. Lots of errands today that can all be accomplished in SS and nice to be in a jurisdiction that knows how to clear sidewalks, etc. DC is unbelievable. No idea when my alley will be cleared, so leaving for holidays in the next few days up in the air!

    • @Mare: D.C. doesn’t clear alleyways and it is the responsibility of the individual property owners to clear the sidewalks (which of course sometimes is the District) in front of their properties…the entire lenght of the property,not just a path out to the street.

  • Im here, my team is working remotely. Nobody here but the guys with the guns. Now I have to find a place that is open for coffee.
    I’ll admit its nice and quiet and I dont have to wear the suit today. Think I will give myself a comp day thursday.

  • Only one in the office…and I rode my bicycle in. Wimps. And the boss called me last night to see if I was going to make it in.

  • Day off! Anybody know of any bars/restaurants in the area doing specials or all-day happy hours to celebrate?

  • I had to come in because our boss did not respond to emails asking if our office was closed. Jerk.

  • Kalorini

    Came in today and hoping to drive to NJ tonight. Commute in (S line + orange line to VA) wasn’t that bad!

    Anyone think the ice will be bad tonight? I may leave tomorrow morning…

  • Why do the Feds get all the attention, even on a blog so focused on the District? Your friendly DC Government employees are hard at work today, on time! Grumble grumble…

  • Drove from Petworth through Rock Creek Park to Rosslyn during rush hour… I hope they keep the Federal Government closed all week, because there was very little traffic this morning getting on the Parkway.

    Unfortunately, there was still the idiot in the mini-van two cars in front of me who hadn’t cleared off his roof (isn’t that illegal?), and slammed on his breaks at the first patch of non-pavement.

    • I need to get to Alexandria from Petworth this afternoon and was wondering if Rock Creek was OK or if I should just take 14th. Sounds like it wasn’t icy?

  • my firms head office is in Chicago – no way they were going to let us have off today.

  • We follow the Feds’ rules, so we had a snow day too!

  • I had today scheduled to be off but since my trip to NYC was canceled, decided to go in.

    Got up and checked the WMATA site to see that all, save for 6 bus routes in Northern Virginia were running full. Got to the Pentagon to discover that they were kidding. The 18 line isn’t running at all today. Had to go to Van Dorn to discover that the Fairfax Connector isn’t running (at least yet) either. Took a cab with several others in the same situation. I am pissed w/ WMATA. Could have made other arrangements if they were just honest about what was really operational.

  • Somehow riding 20 stops on the metro did not sound appealing so I opted to stay put. I’ll go dig my car out in about an hour – maybe.

  • I work at home so I never get a day off! But snowy isolation did seem to focus my brain a bit as I woke up this morning knowing I had to whack about 30 pages out of the new novel.

  • I had to come to work to meet with a client that promised up and down that he would make it. Otherwise I would have stayed home. Once I got here, he sent a text saying “sorry, I could not make, we will have to meet next year.”

  • Office is closed, but I’m here anyone. At least for a couple hours. Leaving soon. I drove to work… hope my parking spot is still there when I get home! I wish the city would enforce traffic laws on a day like today. It drives me even more crazy to see stupid drivers on snowy days!

  • feds are wimps. i shleped it to bethesda, metro was a smooth ride.

  • I had to come in… ugh. I didn’t have power at home this morning though, so it would have been even more boring at home. At least I’ll get to leave a little early.

    captcha: “analyzed Venetian”

  • I’m at work. Was an easy commute for Columbia Heights to Clarendon. I enjoy watching all the people slip and fall :)…(I was one of them on Friday night)

    Going to MNF tonight! That should be a show.

  • i’m a fed. i woke up, warmed up my cycle, checked email and found out i didn’t have to work today. so… why? why would feds be so lucky? oh, the federal clearance? that’s not a valid reason. is it? we go through so much shit, that the avrage civilian has no clue. so why? we represent the foundation of your freedoms. yadda yadda yadda. we make less than you do, and we look out for the american good. the american lifestyle.

    americans need a solid goverment. so… we make it solid. do you want your senator, etc. killed on the way to work? that would wreak much more havov in your life if your elected official died on the way to work. elections all over again, your life in turmoil ( no funding for your kid’s school). don’t knock feds. they make half as much as civilians and work their arses off for you.

    pick your industry.

    u wanna be a fed? or not? we sacrifice just as much, if not more so, as you.

    or just vote differently next time.

    i work for you, 26 hours a day.

    don’t knock me.

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