Dear PoP – Props for New Columbia Heights Nail Salon


“Dear PoP,

Just wanted to take a second to give two thumbs up for the new nail place at 14th and Park. The store is clean and pleasantly decorated, the staff know what they’re doing and are customer service oriented, and the prices are in line with DC standards ($32 for a mani/pedi). I’m sitting in the fabulous massage chair right now and couldn’t be happier! A great addition for Columbia Heights.”

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  • Seriously – do women really pay $32.00 for a manicure? How often? And why?

  • $32 for a mani and pedi is cheap. Yes Victoria, women and men pay up to 50 bones for it. The importance of proper foot care shouldn’t be underestimated– you’re feet will thank you for it!

    Does this place scrub your feet, or use a razor (I realize this was banned, but it’s still in use)?

  • Thanks for posting – a mani/pedi usually takes at least an hour and $32 is a good price (I usually pay more). I’ll be sure to check them out soon.

  • Seriously – they used a razor, but asked me if I wanted it first (of course I did, but I realize others are concerned about the cleanliness aspect, so I appreciated that they asked). Then they scrubbed with pumice to even everything out and get at the smaller calluses. They also used this fabulous citrus scrub on my legs and feet for the leg massage that appeared to be home made.

    For reference, I had my mani/pedi on the 23rd, and my toes still look great. My fingernail polish is definitely starting to flake and chip, but that’s after almost a week. Pretty decent staying power if you ask me!

    The chair alone was worth the trip. Has anyone ever used a massage chair where the sides squeeze your legs and waist? It was totally weird at first, but actually felt surprisingly good…just curious if this was a widespread chair design, since I had never seen it!

  • Pretty excited about this new option. I usually go to the place on Columbia Rd near Shawarma King. they also do a good job and I think it’s actually $28 for a mani/pedi there.

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