14th Street Chipotle Opening Dec. 11th (If the Stars Align…)


When the signs went up on the 14th Street Chipotle in Columbia Heights I thought the word was out on their opening date. But I’ve been receiving a number of emails with the above sign. Thanks to all who sent emails and let’s hope the stars align!

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  • This post has been up a while and no comments.
    Nobody cares.
    Not even negative comments which are much easier to come by on this site than positive.
    I am just posting this comment so it won’t be lonely.
    N.b. I’ve never been to a Chipotle.

  • Thank god. Real authentic Mexican food is finally coming to Columbia Heights.

  • yay! I’ll go once every 4-6 weeks maybe. I just don’t eat out much. But that doesn’t mean I’m not psyched for it to be there. It’s a thousand times better than the empty store front it’s replacing.

  • @Josh: Hilarious! I love it!

  • If loving a carnitas burrito with no beans and extra rice is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.

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