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  • bring back Mocha Hut pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • OK! Now both former Mocha Huts have great murals!

  • Great murals. If only the intersection of 14th & U remotely resembled that painting instead of the Hobbesian morass that it is.

  • It’s great, but unfortunately Joel’s murals are becoming a bit too much for me- they’re EVERYWHERE. Kudos to him, but enough already.

  • I miss mocha hut and the Thursday poetry slams.

  • this one is decent, but i wish he would redo that turd that is on the side of bloombars. that just sucks.

  • Haha when I saw the mural for the first time I wrote a post on my blog with the pretty much the exact title. So, yeah, agreed.

  • Yeh they really should bring back mocha hut or atleast sell something normal other then waffles.

  • Really? You want to bring back Mocha Hut? That place SUCKED. Service was slow as hell and the food was BLAND. Maybe the waffles were good (how can you mess up bisquick anyways?) but everythign else was just eh. I’m a big fan of U Street Cafe and their breakfast sandwiches are SO much better that Mocha Hut. Yay for the new place!!!

  • Waffles are like the easiest thing in the world to make yourself, why bother?

  • Waffles are like the easiest thing in the world to make yourself, why bother?

  • Mocha Hut was better. They were always busy i wonder why they closed down?

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one who doesnt like the mural on Bloombars.

  • @ Bbars Neighbor. I hate to say this, but I wish somebody would deface that thing so he would have to redo it. I think the guy is talented, but I don’t really care about Jose from Chile and there one billion kids who live in mud huts and can’t watch ESPN on a regular basis and have never eaten at McDonalds and boo hoo and cry some more.

    I don’t care about his political agenda; put something there that deals with something in the neighborhood or city and doesn’t make me want to drown a kitten.

  • Mocha Hut went down because the owners mismanaged the financials. They didn’t even paid their employees when they closed or even notified them.
    They had numerous warnings from the Health Dept……..the food sucked and dangerous. One time it took 45 mins for me to get OVER THE COUNTER food…….why do you want these people back????

  • This place is great. I’m always there for lunch and their workers are very friendly

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