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  • I LOVE QUICK PITA!! I dream about their hummus. It is one of my favorite places, and they used to deliver to my office at 20th and L, late at night, which was awesome. It’s on the very short list of reasons why I go to Georgetown.

  • I LOVE IT – used to go there at 3am for shwarma and rice pudding with rose water. Agree with Nichole – one reason I go to Georgetown

  • The other reason to go to Georgetown is of course Baked and Wired on Thomas Jefferson Place. But agree, Quick Pita is fantastic with a super nice staff.

  • Vonstallin

    I can’t remember what in the hell I brought, but I remember hitting it up last in 07 after watching Transformers mid-night movie….

  • Agree with Nichole that it is one of the few reasons to go to Georgetown.

    I also met one of the co-owners of Cafe Bonaparte while eating there, so it’s good enough for them…

  • I love this place! Best place to get a latenight shwarma/pita in Gtown. It’s amazingly cheap and delicious

  • wow I guess Georgetown is the new ‘burbs? I missed the memo where I’m supposed to hate on it…or at least pretend to.

    Re: Quick pita, yes I love it! But has the tendency to just sit in my stomach after wards and make my life unpleasant.

  • agreed. one of my favorite georgetown spots. I love their baklavah, and they used to do a great lunch deal from 11 to 4 where you could get falafel, fries, and a can of soda for $5.

  • When we moved to DC in June ’08 from Boston we drove 13 hours, closed on our house, and made it to our new digs in Manor Park at around 9 pm. We had no food and didn’t know where anything was. Some friends picked up from Quick PIta and came to our empty house with hummus and champagne. I seriously think it was the best meal I’ve ever had in my life for a variety of reasons.

  • Quick Pita is awesome! Not sure if it still does, but a few years ago it delivered to GWU campus–late night! Their falafel sandwhich was always yummy.

  • Anon, I dislike Georgetown because of how crowded it gets. I have a phobia of slow walkers.

  • Quick Pitaaa! Their chicken shawarma was favorite late-night snack when I was in school at Georgetown. Open until 3 am on weekends! Lunch is a great deal, too, as another mentioned.

  • Loved it years and YEARS ago; glad to hear it’s still going strong. Not many reasons to ever go to Georgetown, unfortunately.

  • I used to go to this place all the time in the 90s. Glad to hear it’s still just as good as it was then.

  • Love the Quick Pita. As an ex-Hoya, it was one of the best take out places in the whole Georgetown neighborhood. Their hummus is excellent and the prices (from what i can remember) are just right.

  • Their delivery from that location and their substation at the Reagan building are awful. I’ll have to visit in person, because the comments above have exactly the opposite take…

  • Used to eat there all the time when my office was in Georgetown, cheap and open super-late; their Shwarma and kibbi was always served by friendly workers. I miss having this sort of thing @ Columbia Heights.

  • Quick Pita is so good! I love love love it! Been going there for years. It’s seriously one of the only reasons to go to Gtown. If you’ve haven’t been… go. It’s a hole in the wall, but I think that’s what makes it so special. Yum, now I want some.

  • I would like to like this place since I live nearby, but sadly this is no Mamouns. Sorry guys, the kids at NYU and Yale have a far superior version of the same basic idea.
    Higher quality protein, better pita, better sauces – no comparison.

  • I have fuzzy memories of this place very late night in my early 20s, but I believe it was delicious and they have a pita with french fries in it so really, win/win…

  • best falafel on the city !!

  • Man, I used to *L-O-V-E* the QP!!! Falafel, shwarma and the best french fries in the city (right outta the fryer) at 3am! DANG!!! I had a fun flashback about a month ago while I was waiting in line across the street at the super-cala-fragelistic-monumentally overrated-Georgetown Cupcake (hey, it’s what the lady wanted). Fond memories!

    OH, and quit HATIN’ on the people who HATE on GTown! Everybody knows that GTown totally BLOWS! Has since the early/mid-90’s.

    Sports Fans, Anastasia’s, Champion’s, anyone?! (oops, I think I might be dating myself…)

  • Quick Pita is the best shawarma in town, and the kibbey is pretty awesome too. I grew up in the middle east and used to eat shawarma’s constantly. Out of all the Middle Eastern places in DC, Quick Pita is by far the best place to get a shawarma. I might have to go get this for lunch, even though I work in Arlington… So freaking good.

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