Green Line Professionals Work-from-Home Networking Event Nov 13


A few weeks ago a reader asked about networking opportunities for those that work from home. From the organizer, Wayan Vota:

“With all the interest from your post about networking groups for people who work from home we’ve formed the Green Line Professionals

We know how hard it is to convince both supervisors and spouses that yes, we really are working. We do have responsibilities and deadlines, and no, we’re not slouching around in pajamas or have time to entertain the chatty neighbor. We’re also looking for tips and tricks that make working from home easier – from Skype video to lunch delivery and Internet troubleshooting.

We’re having a Happy Afternoon next week to enjoy the networking and camaraderie that only happens in-person. So come join us at Domku Restaurant, 821 Upshur St NW. We’ll start around noon and spend the afternoon making friends and sharing stories of domestic employment drama. There is free WiFi and for those not constrained, a fine drinks selection to make it a Happy Hour as well.

Green Line Professionals
Happy Afternoon
Friday, Nov 13, 12-5pm
Domku Restaurant
821 Upshur St NW”

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  • I call bullsh*t. sure, we work real hard so let’s have a happy hour at freaking noon for five hours.

  • Not metro-accessible? Boo.

  • Congrats GLP’s, should be a great addition, I wish you success.

  • Anon: thanks for the jealousy, but working from home has challenges, as much or more than working in an office, as your comment shows. We’re meeting to share stradegies to counter them

    College Park: Domku is 4 blocks from the Petworth Metro and Friday is to be a nice day. Enjoy the day as you walk over.

    Dirty: thanks, we are trying to improve our neighbourhoods, one home-based professional at a time

    All: please note the meetup is THIS week. This Friday, in fact. Hope to see you there!

  • Agree with anon @ 5:55. What do these people do that they can stop working at noon on a Friday?

  • Unless of course they go back home at 5 and work through the night. I do know people who work from home and do that bizarre schedule, and I give them props.

  • dues, don’t you see they all have laptops. they’re *cough* working. *cough* But yeah, as someone working at home, i sometimes fall into that trap and end up doing long bouts of work at random times. it’s not any less quality of work if you do are doing it at 9 at night than 7 in the morning. I hate when people act like getting up at the crack of dawn to start your day means you work harder.

  • I love working from home

  • I have been working from home for the last ten years. It is a gift and a challenge.
    Please do not paint everyone with the same broad fuzzy slipper brush.
    I have basically reliquished any “off” hours and my co-workers and bosses consider me available 7 days a week 24 hours per day. They don’t abuse it too much. It’s not too big a price to pay to have been able to be around for my teenage kids.
    Plus I don’t have to hang around an office, commute, pay dry cleaning bills or listen to mindless prattle from the office/cubicle next to me. That last bit makes it priceless.

  • My org has been debating its telecommuting policy for no less than 10 years.

  • While I have another commitment on Friday, I’d love to join you all next time. I’ve been self employed for 7 1/2 years and agree with schweeny that it is a gift and a challenge. Work is always just a few steps away and it’s easy to get pulled into “just one more thing” before bedtime.

    But the advantages far outweigh the challenges – it’s a great life.

  • I love that those stuck in offices think that we’ll not be working at Domku, or that everyone will be there for the full 5 hours.

    You don’t need to be in a cube to be creative or productive – I often do my best work with the stereo cranked – not possible in the office. Also, for those of us who thrive on the in-person connection, being in a cafe setting allows us the quick comments that you in the office take for granted, but we don’t get.

    Also, the reason its a Happy Afternoon is to accommodate all our varied schedules. I expect folks will come and go as the afternoon unfolds. I’m running an online meeting from 12-1, and will have client calls throughout the afternoon. Others will be also occupied.

    Yet going to Domku has an advantage. By being out of the house, I can keep the spousal demands that I work & clean – a demand no office worker gets, I’m sure.

  • RD & schweeney:

    Oh how I can relate. My company is based in California and our clients are in Africa. So I get calls at 5am from Nigeria and 8pm from San Francisco, with Nairobi sometimes waking me at 2am. Add in IM, Twitter, and Skype, and there is no escape. Oh to have an office job that’s 9-5!

  • Wayan,
    Ha what you call quick comments I call mindless prattle. I’m guess I thrive with no “in-person connection” all I need is PoP!

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