Good Deal or Not? Eckington Edition


This home is located at 148 Todd Place, NE:

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The flier says:

“WOW. .. THIS IS IT! Amazing renov. house just back on the market at a most awesome price. This end-unit is flooded with natural light, stunning details, great kit, hardwood, lower level, media/family/party level with wetbar, full bath, storage, W/ D and fridge. The main level has so much space, formal living, sep dining, huge sunroom, front porch, rear courtyard and 2-car garage. Upper has 3BR & 1BA.”

More info and photos found here.

Here’s another home that has some nice original details. I know it’s all going to come down to location but let me know what you think of the house itself. Does $416,000 sound reasonable?

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  • Have to say. Like the house. Tastefully renovated with enough original details throughout to keep it’s historic charm. House could use an iron fence in front or more greenery on front perimeter. House looks a little exposed, but that can be easily changed.

    Don’t know if it’s s good deal, but if you’re in the market for whatever $400K gets you in Eckington, this looks like a nice house. What are the pros/cons of Eckington vs nearby Bloomingdale?

  • Well one pro about Eckington is that the local crews on Todd place (about two blocks from this place) and another neighboring one seem to be finish with their latest beef. So, hopefully no stray bullets for awhile.

  • I like the house but come on real estate agents! For heavenssake please take some decent, clear, well lit pictures! Is that too much to ask? If I were the owner I’d be ticked.

  • A really clever Realtor would call this house “less than a block from U St.”

    The kitchen seemed extremely small and extremely dark for a house this size, but it might have just been a bad picture.

  • If you’re cool with the “in and behind a deadbolt by dark” life, and honestly most of us must be, then this looks like a good deal. Would the basement be legal to rent out?

  • That’s a neat house, but there’s no way I’d pay over 400K to live in Eckington.

  • For what it’s worth, this is one block from the large low-income housing project that St. Martins is constructing. It’s a very nice house, but I’m not too into the location. I would think this would go for something around $350K.

  • I like this house! Not sure about the location cause I don’t spend time there, but can you get this much room, offstreet parking and original detail for that price in other parts of the city?

  • I just looked up some nearby listings and I’m wondering, when did Eckington get so expensive?

  • I remember reading a posting on here last week about this exact same block flooding consistently during rain storms.

  • Vonstallin

    y’all should give me a colum call “Von’s Housing Approval”.

    Let Von help you out with his vast knowldege of all things good, hood and evil in DC.

    Ask Von “The primary question”…. Would you live their?

    House is great…..
    price…so so…
    The hood? well this place gets a
    *****Hood Factor rating of 6.9 – 7.3******

    (1 being quiet, safe and ez living ie Georgetown/chevyshase)
    (10 being Barry Farms, most of SE regular noise and shotting, turf wars and beefs etc…)


    Do not want ….

  • Not worth it. This houses are small for the amount. There are a number of the federal style houses on Todd that are 250 with added full FHA reno for 40.

  • I’m looking in Eckington, but I wouldn’t pay more than $325K to live there, even in a house like that.

  • Von, love your ratings. You should expand this to other blocks. (Too nervous to request it for my block; I’d rather not know!)

  • Von, can you rate Grant Circle?

  • love the parquet floors and working transoms. no idea about the neighborhood or the values. i’ll defer to von on that.

  • Agree with MK–for goodness sakes download Picasa and brighten/sharpen those pictures. I think I might have liked the kitchen but who knows from those pics!

  • Echo what most everyone said here. Very nice, too much for location, not enough potential for an investment. I would rather spend 250-300 close to H Street and make a killing in 5 years.

  • Not worth it— I live in Eckington ( a couple blocks from this) and it is WAY over priced. We don’t have any of the nice amenities (yet) I.E. decent coffee shop, grocery stores, etc. Oh, we are getting a Forman Mills!! Go Ghetto! But seriously, houses in Eckington just aren’t worth more than 300k– at least not yet they aren’t.

  • Vonstallin

    grant Circle itself is ok, but you are surrounded by terror.

    Go due east 1.5 blocks to 5 blocks and the day/night traders will welcome you with un-open arms south west of the Circle looks the same as it did back in the late 80’s. Those blocks seem to have a time warp buble surrounding them.

    Anyway I think i have to give Grant Circle a 7.5 and thats stretching it…..
    Naw im sorry…


  • It is hard to tell from the pics, but this is a fairly small and narrow house. It also looks pretty run down in the pics. Maybe it has ‘original features’, but to me it just look like old, uneven stuff.

    The hood is crap. If you want to listen to profanity laced gansta rap from your porch, this is the place.

    New Low income/subsidized housing going up near by as well.

  • One more thing, I have seem much nicer places in this area sell for a lot less… MLS should have ’em.

  • Vonstallin

    ps: what pulls petworth down is that its the murder center of DC….

    The biggest problem when looking for homes in DC (non-natives) is that DC is one of those citys where bad areas are like spots vs whole blocks or multiple blocks.

    You can have a block with houses running 500k but one house on the block with high drug, noise and teenage precence off balance the street. car damage, theft, robberys all because of one or a few houses on what looks like a pretty cool block. Or Public assistant housing that draws some rowdy crowds.

    Finding a decent affordable house in DC is hard and needs to be a long process of checking the area out in warm weather and night time. Blocks look totaly tame durring the day and durring winter.

    Then turn into a jungle durring summer nights….

    Welcome to the Jungle – Von.

  • Von
    You were close with Eckington, but way off on Grant Circle. I moved from just north of there to where I’m at now and Grant Circle is daisies compared to Trinidad, and Trinidad is Daises compared to SE Anacost. Assumming SE Anacost is a 10 then Grant circle has to be a 5,

    At least the way I see it.

  • Van, Sherman circle is nice, so is Allison st. and Illinois, what do you mean surrounded by terror? I think your meter is completely off with Grant Circle.

  • Petworth is nowhere near the murder center of DC. Petworth hardly ranks relative to NE/SE. I’ll buy Petworth being the murder center of NW/Capitol Hill though.

  • Vonstallin

    The problem is that they said grant circle…
    Upsure street…yeah it gets a 5…mayb3….
    Sheaperd street also. But 5th street, new Hamshire ave, some parts of Varnum are good and quiet…they would get a solid 7.9….

    so I had to add the good ones to the bad and round it out.

  • Vonstallin

    Im not sure what you are saying…it looks like you are saying the same thing.

    Anyway pre 2000’s It was the murder center with stats showing that a mass majority of the murders was in this neck of the woods and not SE.

    Here is a map from 2004 to 2006 and while it do look like SE/NE is becoming the new murder spots. Look at Petworth area…its still high and in the mix.

  • von –
    i can accept that. lov the hood scale idea. what do you give trinidad? the lower couple blocks of it.

  • or go to to see a map of this year’s murders and their circumstances.

  • Vonstallin

    trinadad have allways been bad..just not as bad as it was in the 80’s.
    prostitution seems to start about 5pm… day/night traders are entrenched like roaches…It will be along long time before they are moved out. The new buildings and houses/condos moving its way up kst will still take a few years to effectivley change trinidad.

    I have to say trin seems like the belly of the beast. it dosent get better until you head towards H st. My friend is a sargent that works that district and stuff i just dont see or hear that he fills me in on makes me want to give trindad a soild
    4.7 to 5.1

    its only good if you dont have to walk to transportation. i try to base some of my ratings on walkability to stores, bus, subways and stuff vs. strickly on the block. if your block is
    nice but you have to walk thru mostly bad areas…then i deduct points,….


  • I sense a new Google Maps App – the Hood Mapper. Residents can input their score (0 to 10) for individual blocks. Real Estate agents are prohibited from participating 😉

  • Von,

    Check your geometry on Grant Circle & Petworth. That murder map you point to – it shows Columbia Heights as red dots, not P-worth. In fact, there’s not a killing in the hood on that map.

  • I think a Von hood scale rating should go along the walk scores on all of the real estate sites! I hope this will be a regular component of GDoN.
    As for the house itself, I like it – airy, hardwood floors, okay kitchen.

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