Coffee Shop Reopening in December at 944 Florida Ave, NW

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I received a great email last night. It’s great timing because I saw a worker on the roof and was wondering if something new was going into this spot. A reader writes:

“I just ran into the owner of a new Coffee House located at Florida & W st. NW. The building has long sent empty and had a nice awning and sign saying “Mocha Lounge”. Since the sign still looks good, he’s going to keep it! He says he’s got a permit for outdoor seating in the good whether and his family has an old western wooden wagon he’s going to keep on the premises. He’s rehabbed the inside and has restored the tin ceiling, and told me he plans to Open in 3-4 weeks. Should be a fun place to hangout!”

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  • Hope it’s open past 9. Why can I never find a coffee shop in the neighborhood (all of the district?) open past 9?

    • Tryst in Adams Morgan is open till 2 on weeknights and later on weekends, while Busboys and Poets on V St. is open till midnight on weekends.

      But other than those, I agree that it’s tough to find coffee shops–even starbucks–that are open much past 8 or 9.

  • So glad to hear! I have been watching this one and really hoping that it would reopen.

  • It will be interesting how his business is influenced by development by the City across the Street.

    DC acquired the lot in a trade with Howard University to help Howard complete their new Howard Towncenter on Lower Georgia Ave.

    If DC puts in a new DMV branch maybe business will go way up! If they put in public Housing or a homeless shelter, maybe not…

    Nearby residents should get involved with the City and let them know what they want on this City owned land before the decison is made for them

  • Sweet. I love that coffee shops are popping up in the area.

  • Anon 12.02 – can you elaborate a little? what are you refering to when talking about the lot across the street? Is it the parking lot or the old church that was slated to become apartments?? And that its now city owned, but was previously Howards?? I’m just a little lost in the wording perhaps…….


  • I don’t know the actual address but there’s a medium size building there with a pretty big lot (asphalt) surrounding it that’s fenced off. Yeah, this was Howard’s and not the City owns it. But no, it’s not the church, or just a parking lot…

  • Great news!

    Now, what about the fish place that seems to be boarded up?

  • Awesome, now I rember something like it being a cafe/wine place as well on their old sign or was I wishful thinking.

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