Christmas Lights are Up

IMG_0843, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This is the first house with Christmas lights I’ve seen so far (from Petworth on New Hampshire Ave). But what I really liked about this one was the bug zapper on the porch glowing along with the Christmas lights.

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  • Last year they merged straight from Christmas (with inflatable santa on a motorcycle) to the inauguration (giant Obama cutout on the porch). They like to celebrate 🙂

  • Is there any place in DC known for extravagant Christmas lighting? In the tri-state area, we used to drive around suburban NY to see the tightly-packed houses with incredible holiday lighting. I’d love to recreate the memory here! Thanks 🙂

  • Just wait till my house is done, then you’ll see some extravagant Christmas lighting!!

  • I’ve noticed that bug zappers seem to be particularly popular in Petworth. Are the mosquitoes worse over there because of the reservoir or something?

  • And the stupid thing is, bug zappers don’t kill the problematic bugs. Mosquitos are attracted to CO2, not light. Those loathsome zappers just get moths and june bugs and other harmless critters. They’re entertainment for small-time sadists.

  • This post makes me excited to go to Baltimore for Miracle on 34th Street!

  • Wow! Nice job! But I do like a little more pine garland with my exterior lights.

  • Nothing beats the Bishop’s House on North Portal Drive a couple of blocks off of 16th Street. You can’t miss it since straddles an entire corner. Now the neighboring houses are getting into the act. Be prepared for a traffic jam but its best to park and look at everything on foot.

  • My neighbors across the street had them up last week. Sorry, that is just too trailer park for my taste. Never before the 1st week in December.

  • That house belongs to the nicest family ever. If you see them out on the porch you should definitely stop and chat. There are two sisters and a brother who live there and have lived there their entire lives [they’re all in their late 70’s and early 80’s now]. I believe their kids put the lights up recently which is probably why they’re up so early. You can’t really be picky when someone else is putting up your decorations. Anyway, the stories they have about Petworth are great. I highly recommend getting to know them if you get the chance.

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