14th & You Reports Garden District Files for Bankruptcy


Thanks to IMGoph for the heads up. About a month ago Garden District moved to a new location across the street from its former location to 1740 14th St., NW. Well, 14th & You is reporting:

“Last week, the Garden District–the 14th Street nursery and plant lover’s paradise–filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, leaving it’s future on 14th Street cloudy.”

They say the spot will remain open (including selling Christmas Trees) through December but it is unclear what will happen after that. Yikes!

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  • Not a surprise, their items were way overpriced.

  • That’s really too bad. I really like their garden center, but wonder if it was just too small to generate enough revenue. The interior store was just really badly managed–went there for supplies and they were out of everything. i went once and decided never to go back.

  • Indeed. Really, really expensive. I looked at a bag of topsoil there, for which they wanted around $6. I went to Home Depot (even though I hate it) and get just about the same 40lb bag for $1.40.

    However, it is a serious loss to 14th St. if indeed the Garden District is to be no more.

  • I can see this, ive been there several times looking for basic supplies for my apartment garden, i always left with nothing. They didnt stock basic things, there were full grown plants, no seeds, little soil, no potting soil, very few planters. i was disappointed on every visit, after getting excited to do some gardening. i had high hopes for a place called “Garden District”

  • Sad loss for the neighborhood…It should’ve been a nursery by day and a beer garden by night to sustain the business.

  • Oh well, too bad. The majority of you c-suckers never spent a dime in there so don’t even pretend for a moment that it will be missed.

  • I shopped there several times. It was great for apartment-dwellers like me and my SO. We bought a number of little plants, pots, etc and could buy a small (the perfect) amount of top soil for a decent price, without getting stuck with an extra 18 lbs we couldn’t use. They were lacking in a few things on occasion, but never a dealbreaker for us. I’d be very sad to see it disappear from 14th St.

  • guess what sign is posted there today? “Crepes on the Corner – Coming Soon”!!! I have always said that more crepe places would do so well in this city! Late night crepes after Black Cat anyone?

  • I purchased many plants for our our pond. Sorry to hear about this. It is difficult to find water papayrus, but I could always get it at Garden District.

  • Sounds like either poor management/planning, or maybe they are just filing as part of a hasty plan, which will accord them certain protections — like how stores and banks file for chapter 11, then re-emerge a year later.

    It is odd that they moved locations to a larger abutting building.. and at the SAME TIME trying to open a crepe shop at their old location (which will be tough, as it’ll be competing with another crepe shop directly across the street.)

    Sounds like they just weren’t planning well. Double the outdoor space and double the indoor store WHILE opening a new and challenged business as well?


  • The garden district was a place I wanted to like but never really could due to their overpriced items and lack of selection on basic necessities. You would think one would always be able to find a variety of pot sizes there, but sometimes you could not.

  • Yes even for a boutique garden center in an up and coming neighborhood, that place was stupidly overpriced. I’m spending my cash at old city green and have been for a while.

  • Aw, man, I liked Garden District, although I agree overpriced. You could get unique plants there you can’t find other places.

  • My partner and I visited the garden store about 3 or so years ago and we were happy to find bamboo trees. They were the exact size for the space. We wanted to buy 5 or 6 of those plants (like $60 each) so we wanted to learn more about them before buying (if we can keep them in continers or not and if they survive the winter). We picked up the little plant information and read about its care, etc. We then asked the owner our plan where we wanted to place it and his advice. He did give his advice (not supper nice, but ok I guess). When we were done asking He snatched the little plant tag out of my hands, placed it back in the soil and walks away. Needles to say both my partner and I were surprised by what just happened and asked why he did that, he indicated that we could go buy the plant elsewhere or something like that and walks away. That was totally uncalled for since until that moment we were all in respectful terms (at least we thought) and in fact we were ready to buy the plants, but just wanted to chat about them a little more after we asked him. We walked out of that store for good and we never looked back (I admit he had good staff that I wanted to buy on display over the years, but I could not give my money to a business who disrespected me). Knowing how much money I spend on plants I must say he missed out so much. Immediately after the incident, I reached out to the owner by emailing him and asking for an apology for his behavior, he never bothered to do so. After that, we told all our friends about our experience and none were happy. Sorry to say they are in trouble, but customers come first and business people must always be at their best when dealing with their customers. Just how I was excited about the plant place opening, I am also excited about the crape place, however if the owners are the same I guess my partner and I will not be visiting it. He could have just apologized…..

  • I’m really disappointed to hear this. I’ve spent may Saturdays strolling down and returning to my apartment with a new plant. It is one of my favorite stores on 14th (or the city for that matter)! Even my mom requests a stop there when she’s in town visiting.

  • Sad to hear this, but adequate parking and reasonable prices are musts for any garden center to survive. Due to the size and weight of the items they sell, most people need to drive to these places, which immediately opens up a world of competition outside of the neighborhood and DC. Hope someone else gives it a try with a more realistic business plan.

  • Ditto on the overpriced and poor stock. Head over to Home Depot at the RI Ave. Metro or Johnson’s at Van Ness & Wisconsin, near the Metro. Both not walkable but good prices nonetheless.

  • oh no! I really liked that place whenever I didn’t want to tangle with the Home Despot. Always good for seasonal things like impatiens, seeds, and small herbs. Good for gifts. Way overpriced for potting soil (and very mixed customer service experience).

    Too bad they expanded so much and all at once!

  • I have not always had good experiences here. I could accept the higher prices in order to support a local business on my block vs. Home Depot but the customer service was spotty. The owner at best was aloof and uninterested in certain customers.

  • the prices were a joke. i always just cut out the middleman and bought direct from homestead gardens out in annapolis.


    50% OFF all perennials, trees, shrubs, outdoor bulbs and organic fertilizers.

    Chartible donations, for schools and giving organizations, please fill out a donation form on our website.

    Questions about Chapter 11 Filing, can be posted on our open Community Forum at gardendistrict-dc.com.

    Thank you for all your support.


    Your gonna find the best deals now as we are making way for our Christmas Trees arriving Novemeber 22nd.

  • Any one knows if Garden district ownes the new crapes place?

  • Joe who owns The Garden District is opening a crepe shop in the old Garden District space on 14th & S.

  • Too bad. I was hoping someone else was opening the space.

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