No Freaking Way – Chia Obama!?!?!

Maybe I’ve been under a rock and everyone’s already heard about this (as the youtube clip above is 6 months old). But I was watching tv tonight and this commercial came on and I kept expecting it to turn into a Sat. Night Live or something like that. Sadly, this is apparently for real. You can see the Web site where it’s for sale here. Is this the most ridiculous, absurd, f’d up thing you’ve ever seen?

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  • Very old…Afro Obama wasn’t too highly looked upon when it came out during the campaign. Stores stopped carrying it.

  • You can grow your weed out of it.

  • Oh yeah — the Chia Obama was a hit at a white elephant exchange I went to last Christmas.

  • Is it just men, or does this thing look more like Chia Don Cheadle?

    Anyway, this just seems like a joke.

    …and yes, I think I remember seeing this like 6 months ago.

  • Sorry, I meant to write “just me,” not “just men.”

  • I’m (still) a big supporter of Obama, and I (still) think this is awesome. Even patriotic, if in a twisted way.

    That said, I also understand how some people would find it offensive. What can you do.

  • Chia Don Cheadle with Gene Wilder’s hair.

  • My co-workers have one. It is horrible. The chia hasn’t grown evenly. There are some green sprouts and some dead brown sprouts and the groves for the chia make it look like he’s got cornrows.
    The owner of the chia loves Obama. Has Obama pictures all over her cubicle and has an Obama bobblehead. I do tell the co-workers that rubbing the Obama head for luck is wrong, in so many ways. They ignore me.

  • i thought it was richard simmons.

  • The most ridiculous, absurd, f’d up thing I’ve ever seen was George W. Bush taking the oath of office (twice).

    This is more on the Billy (Carter) Beer level of ridiculous.

  • neil,
    amen to that.

  • All I can do is sigh. This is just stupid.

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