New Mural Going Up on the Side of Bloombars on 11th Street, NW

IMG_0208, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

Thanks to a twitter user for the heads up. I spotted the artist working on it today and it turns out it is one of my favorite muralists – Joel Bergner. You can see a profile I did on Joel here. I’ll be sure to update when it is completed.


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  • My husband and I were on 11 st yesterday and saw this. Very cool.

  • I like it! I’m a huge proponent of murals in the city. For so long DC has been noted for its politics and bureaucracy, and of course wonderful museums and national monuments and a place to visit for school and family trips. For those of us living in the city, murals add another artistic dimension that we wouldn’t normally see. Sure, sometimes one might not like a particular mural, but that’s what’s beautiful- art is totally subjective.

  • Completely agree with MnomeNa! Murals brighten up our living community, and even if you don’t like a particular mural, it might be inspiring for someone else.

  • most important, he uses a Little Giant ladder. very impressive mural too.

  • Can we get at least one mural with a white person in it?!?!?! Maybe the non-whites can be teaching the white dude some dance moves or something like that? Plus, that shows bringing the neighborhood together…it’s win-win!!

  • Yeah to murals in general, yeah to this mural, and yeah to Bloombars.

  • Did this guy do the presidents mural on the side of Mama Ayesha’s? It looks kind of similar.

    Also, why is the guy with the camcorder filming the back of his head?

  • White people generally eliminate the minorities or push them away and then put them into their art, so murals full of people of color make sense around here. Sort of like naming streets after all the trees that were uprooted to develop the areas.

  • BTW, Joel is Brazilian.

  • Rance:

    Karla Rodas a/k/a Karlisima was the artist of the President’s mural at Mama Ayesha’s:

  • Anonymous, there are lots of murals in DC with white people– the President’s Mural that was mentioned has lots of white presidents, the Marilyn Monroe mural, the “Boxer Chick” mural, the big one on Madam’s Organ, etc…… and this one on bloombars is the FIRST BRAZILIAN MURAL IN DC (if i’m not mistaken) so we should appreciate it!

  • No more paint on BloomBars — it was a nice brick building — don’t go splashing purple all over the front

  • Lots of murals popping up all over the city this week as part of the DC murals program. One is on Sherman Ave. by Howard U. One is on the redline next to the Takoma Park station. I’m working on one at 14th and Randolph. A few others going up as well, just not sure of the location. All are in progress so go check them out.

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