Good Deal or Not? Yeah It’s Under Contract But Man There is Some Sweet Wood Details Edition


This home is located at 1937 Park Road, NW:

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The flier says:

“Beautiful 1912 “extra-width, ” four-level, 4/5 bedroom and two bath rowhouse on the quiet side of Park Road (as it winds down into Rock Creek Park). An inviting front porch, plus warm, original wood floors, mouldings, trim, decorative fireplaces, and staircases combine perfectly with an updated stainless kitchen, two-zone HVAC, a multi-level deck, and off-street parking.”

More info found here and a virtual tour found here.

So basically I find these homes by walking around town and if they have a for sale sign in front, I take a photo. Sadly/happily, some are already under contract by the time I get to posting them. But I think a few are still worth looking at. This one in particular has some of the greatest wood details I’ve seen in a while. The floors, fireplace and trims are super fresh. There is also a pretty interesting back yard. And it’s Friday – so enjoy! Asking price was $849,000 for this 5 bed/2 bath. How much value do you think the “extra-width” adds?

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  • OMG, how did this beauty slip past me? Who cares if its a good deal. I want it but its too late.

  • F’in gorgeous. I love it!

  • I like this — A LOT — but the kitchen counters are hideous and one of those bathrooms is filthy.

  • Hmmm…I’m a lazy bum, so it needs to be closer to the Metro, the kitchen needs to be redone (even though it’s new, it looks cheap and ugly), and the bathrooms need some touch-ups. Plus I’d want to strip the wood moulding on the upper floors to match the lower. I’d say $749,000 and it’s a good deal, maybe 700k in this economy.

  • I looked at this place when it was open. Very nice “bones” – and a great backyard – but it needed a fair amount of work (it looks better in the photos than in person).

    The kitchen did indeed need work…beyond that, the kitchen was really small (fine if you don’t cook a lot, but I do).

    One of the bathrooms was in dire need of a complete re-do…that said, I actually respect the seller for leaving it instead of giving it a flipper special makeover.

    Anyways, nice place, needs a bit of work, and not really worth it for a serious home cook, but I’m sure someone will be really happy there.

  • FYI… the current owner purchased this property in August of 2006 for $849,000 — so they are already losing $76k+ in just closing cost on the purchase/sale… not to mention any work they have put into it. There hasn’t been in any sales in that block in 2008/2009 and this property was the 2nd highest purchase price — other was at 1.367 Million at 2041 Park — but that has a legal rental unit. My guess on the final price is $819,000k.

  • “Vintage” bathroom. Ha.

  • $819 still seems steep. Maybe the location on the Park and being a quick bus trip to Cleveland Park, Columbia Heights, and Adams Morgan is worth the extra money. I wouldn’t pay more to be near the Park, but others would. I WOULD pay more to have quick trips to three neighborhoods, but I’d have to investigate how regular and frequent the buses are.

  • I used to walk regularly past this entire row of houses and always wanted to own one. So I’m somewhat surprised that this is listed that low and would be willing to bet the settled price is what is being asked. Obviously, it needs some kitchen and bath work, but that’s a big house with 2-car parking, and all the backyards along that row of houses are very deep. And it is a great location, Metro access notwithstanding. Houses are set far enough off Park Rd. that traffic noise is likely minimized, there’s Piney Branch Park right there, and you can walk into Rock Creek Park or the zoo in 5 min.

  • I love the vintage bathroom. The kitchen isn’t hi-end by today’s standards but the great thing is that means it isn’t banal cherry cabinets with granite countertops. The buyer can do something original with it.

    Overall a beautiful house.

  • I hope folks see this, even though it was posted last week. I have been thinking a fair amount about the trim in our house. What exactly is original for the homes around here? Our rowhouse is about 75 years old and falls between Petworth and Fort Totten. All of the trim in the house is a colonial style and most of it looks old and well painted. I love the craftsman look as in this post and it seems common to a lot of these homes.

    Anyway, any suggestions as to what is most authentic around here? While my trim seems original to me, 75 years is a long time and lots could have happened.


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