Good Deal or Not? I Hope You Like Tiles Edition (Reader Request)


This home is located at 816 Taylor Street, NW:

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The flier says:

“SIMPLY STUNNING!! A MUST SEE! COMPLETELY RESTORED and CUSTOMIZED home with four finished levels of living. * * OVER 4500 SQUARE FEET * * Beautiful BRICK/GRANITE/MARBLE/WIDE PLANK HARDWOODS surround you at every turn!! OPEN LIGHT BRIGHT CONTEMPORARY FEEL!! HUGE PRIVATE PARKING AREA. .. completely fenced yard. .large front/side porch and more!”

More info and photos found here.

The reader who sent in the listing was concerned that “a tile factory exploded all over its insides”. Other than some over ambitious tiling in the kitchen, I’d say it’s a pretty nice renovation. However, I think the asking price may be a few years a head of it’s time, though it is a very large house. This 5 bed/5.5 bath is going for $875,000. Any predictions? What do you think of the renovations?


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  • Too bad they didn’t take all the money they spent tiling the kitchen and bathrooms and buy some taste with it instead.

  • The inside isn’t as bad as the outside. It looks like it was airlifted from the suburbs.

  • Do you really want those pokey tips on your deck railings?

  • Easy with that wide angle, sailor.

  • I saw all the tile and instantly imagined lots of messy-ness happening on a regular basis. Food fights?

  • I kinda like it. There is a LOT of tile but you can take that down. Right? I will say I had to look at the address twice because I was sure this house was near the Friendship Heights Metro.

  • Wow. A lot of thinset had to die for this renovation. As someone who just finished tiling her own bathroom, I’m already heartbroken for the sheer amount of hours that went into all of this tiling, considering that at least 50% will likely be torn down by the new owner. Other than that, it seems nice enough. Price seems fair for a house that size, but the location might not warrant it yet.

  • Yuck. Took what was probably (maybe) something interesting and make it into a mcmansion. Hard to picture spending that much money for a house in that location. Lots of space, though, so if need it (who does?) then it’s certainly less than it would cost if it were somewhere else. That park is kinda nice, though last summer I saw a tiny pot plant growing right by the gate to the water area (though I suppose people have to throw their seeds somewhere.) Wish that playground had some shade!!!

  • I think even if the neighborhood could support this price (that’s outside my area of expertise) that it would be unlikely that the kind of person that would like that house or need that much space would also want to live at that address, the two seem mutually exclusive. I’m not an expert on the neighborhood, but this does not seem to fit in at all.

  • The good news is instead of having to dust and vacuum this place you can just hose it down every now and then.

  • mo’ tile, mo’ problems.

  • I like Herb’s cleaning suggestion.

  • Bidets in American bathrooms seem a bit pretentious to me and one room that is as tiled as those is one thing completely tiling all bathrooms and the kitchen is a bit over the top. On another note is why this looks so odd because one part (I assume the tan half and the top of the brick) of this was an addition? If so, I assume that is why it looks so odd. Basically a suburban house size-wise but in the city.

    Price seems fair for size but I am unfamiliar with pricing in that area. Did perhaps the over-improve?

  • It is 235% the average neighborhood home price. the flipper is trying to turn a $660,000 profit on a house bought not long ago for $215,000. Probably not the best investment.

  • If you can look away from the tile for one moment (its hard but try), the kitchen barely has ANY upper cabinets. So, you’re either storing your plates on the bottom or your food. Either way, the planning on this was terrible.

  • Also, I didn’t realize that the exterior is part brick, part siding… they probably would be better off painting the brink the same color as the siding or added siding the same color of the brick. This way looks TERRIBLE!

  • AA – look at the street view. That is why the exterior shots are so odd – this is actually a duplex and they are hiding that as best as they can.

  • as a fan of things that make no sense, and as a big fan of things that are over the top and make no sense, I say this is great. It’s like a 2006 version of the house in the Royal Tennenbaums.

    I’d love to read an interview with whoever made these interior decorating choices.

    Would I pay $875K, hehhhhhll no, but there’s more to life than that.

  • Why would anyone want 5.5 bathrooms in a 5 bedroom house?

    Anyone who wants that kind of house doesn’t want to live in the city.

  • I actually like the tile work in the bathrooms; however, the kitchen is ~absurd~. The ridiculous amount of jarring tiles alongside the brick could easily induce a seizure.

  • “It is 235% the average neighborhood home price. the flipper is trying to turn a $660,000 profit on a house bought not long ago for $215,000. Probably not the best investment.”

    That said, this house is also 2-3 times the size of the average home in the neighborhood. 5 bedroom houses are fairly rare and this has a lot of square footage. I like Quincy Street and its not an awful location. That said, it will likely go for less. Somewhere in the 700s. Just not too many people’s cup of tea.

  • To put things in perspective, you can get 5 br detached homes in:

    Brookland for $265k less:

    16th st heights for $150k less:

    Petworth for $550k less (not renovated but you could have a dream renovation and hundreds of thousands of dollars left over):

    or if you want to be closer to stuff, a rowhouse in CH for $100k less:

    I really can’t think of any reason to spend this money for a duplex that is a few feet from GA Ave.

  • I guarantee that the owner did not tile every single room at exactly the same time. This means after tiling one or more rooms from floor to ceiling they made a conscious decision to do it again. And again. And again. That is so unbelievable crazy to me, what where they thinking?!?!?! PoP you have to interview this person.

    Now I’m wondering if maybe they are trying to cover something up????

  • i have seen those same closets (brown with frosted glass in bedroom) in several different houses now. they’re really nice, and if i hadn’t seen them 3-4 times, i would have guessed they were custom.

    does anyone know who makes these and/or where to buy them?

  • Rocketnerd, I believe they are IKEA!

    Nevermind my exterior comment… I still stand firmly behind my comment about the lack of upper cabinets in the kitchen. Trust me anyone who would live here will HATE the kitchen after a few days…

  • Would make an excellent group house. I don’t see a single family living there.

    Those wide angle photos are positively vertigo-inducing. Sheesh.

    And how do you hang anything on a tile wall? That’s a little crazy. I guess it’s easy to wipe down and keep clean, but who the heck is living there, Dexter?

  • @AA: thanks! i started to suspect it once i realized i’d seen them a few times. i have to say that they seem pretty sturdy for an ikea product. i’d sworn off stylish disposable ikea furniture with my 20s, but may have to reconsider.

    i’m not 100% convinced those are the right closets though. the ones i’ve seen, and the ones pictured here, seem to have lights integrated into the top as an overhang from the doors. i don’t see that option on the ikea site.

  • I am with those who say this house is overimproved and oversized and overpriced for the neighborhood. My original input to the conversation: Where would you hang any pictures if your rooms are tiled from floor to ceiling? And if you could hang something, what could you possibly hang that wouldn’t clash? Oh, I have an idea:

  • dangit, someone made the same comment as I did (and called original) while I was typing it. Grr. I don’t have a single original thought.

  • After looking at the Google street view, I figured out why this duplex is so discordant: when built, it was covered with clapboard or shingles or both, and would have looked like one big house. But sometime in the 50’s or 60’s, some stylish genius covered the unit to the left with that fancy formstone, also know as the work of the devil. To give a 21st-century update, the current owners have painted it to (sort of) look like brick. Then the remuddler of the unit for sale decided to go with a completely non-complimentary color for the new siding he installed…
    I’m just surprised he didn’t tile the exterior. Shiny tiles! Everywhere!

  • @rocketnerd… ahh… you mean This type of lighting?

    (scroll around for the over the “cabinet” and spotlights which go inside…)

    If you went to the store I’m sure they have it set up like you are thinking…

  • RD – I’m not standing behind this house completely, but I dont’ think your options are much better.

    “or if you want to be closer to stuff, a rowhouse in CH for $100k less:

    –> I don’t see how this location is any more desirable that this house on Quincy. Just cuz you can call in CH you are still closer to GA Petworth metro. And you get much less space.

    “Brookland for $265k less:
    –> Again, this Petworth house place is overpriced but Petworth earns more stars than Brookland anyday

    “16th st heights for $150k less:
    —> Eh, potentially better. But no metro.

    Petworth for $550k less (not renovated but you could have a dream renovation and hundreds of thousands of dollars left over):

    –> To get this house where it needs to be you are going to be spending a pretty penny

  • The teal bathroom is nice. The grey bathroom is livable. The kitchen is a horror.

  • Maybe the tile is so that it can survive being a group house? If you had parties and people got sick in the bathroom and/or trashed the kitchen it would be relatively easy to clean.

  • This house is just down the street from me. We thought a family was renovating it for themselves so I was a bit disappointed to see it on the market. Overall I think it’s a nice renovation–and the house was a horror before (complete with sketchy thugs hanging out all the time). The area is sooooo much nicer now that this house is redone. It’s absolutely huge so can command a higher than average price, but $875K is too high. I think it will sell in the high 600s.

  • I just love tile, and I think the it is beautiful, but it is a bit extreme. It almost looks like a tile showroom.

    I wouldn’t have personally chosen to tile all the walls floor to ceiling, but I wouldn’t tear it down either if I were a buyer.

    I think the whole house is beautiful, and tasteful (I can’t tell the quality of the workmanship from the photos of course, but the tilework is certainly tight) but I have a hard time imagining much of a market for this type of home in Petworth. It looks like it belongs in Friendship Heights.

  • Why do people keep saying this house is on Quincy Street? It’s on Taylor! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

  • You know, for those of you who can’t see any family living in a house like this in a nieghborhood like this, let me remind you that there are those of us who live in Petworth and like it. There are many professional families with strollers, dogs, cats; the whole suburban kaboodle that live in this neighborhood and don’t seem to mind it; probably for the same reason that I love it –> the diversity of our community and neighborhood is amazing, and reflective of the society that we must all learn to live in.

  • RD – You need to go to Profit school, your assumptions don’t factor the cost of improvement. Purchase Price $215k, settlement costs ($5k), construction costs $350k(complete guess), financing ($25k), then you pay the transfer tax (9,625) and Realtors commissions (5%-43,750), now you have your profit of about $227k. Of course then you have to pay fed and state income tax, take away another $90k (40%), leaving $117k or so…do you expect them to walk away with nothing?

  • Profit, houses don’t sell for what the seller’s “deserve,” they sell for market value. tacky houses at taylor and georgia don’t sell for 875 thousand dollars. the only thing i expect is that this house doesn’t sell for that ridiculous price because noone will want it for that much.

  • All of you should be required to post two pictures along with your scathing comments. One should be a picture of your present home and the second, the home(s)(mobile of otherwise) in which you were raised. This kind of free-for-all mudslinging is awful. Nice people live there and they put their hearts and money into improving it to be a place where they can be happy. I see lots of spacious rooms, great outdoor space, siding that may not have been the ideal choice but replaced a very wilted and neglected facade. The family is very sweet and I only hope they were spared this visceral commentary. The price is high, but with DC McLofts still in the 6 to 800,000 range this may make sense to someone who wants LAND and plenty of it for dogs and kids and gardens. If you people can’t get past some finishes that are not of your liking, that is your problem. But then I once heard people touring a potential future home comment on a ceiling fan being a problem – so I’m not surprised. And all I can say to RD and Profit is please try and see if you can aim a little lower in your tone. From your posts I have this image of you both as a couple of horrid, greedy, base characters feverishly clicking away at your key boards and calculators in an effort to feel better about yourselves.

  • My house was featured on GDON. LOL @ getting personally offended by what a couple people on the internet say about your “friend’s” house. Show me the comparable attached houses in Petworth that have sold for around $875k and i’ll admit i was wrong about thinking this is a ridiculous price for this place. i’m sure the family is a good old happy family, but that may be from the crack they are smoking.

  • No personal offense was taken and congratulations on this small kind of accomplishment! I hope your house was considered a very good deal and that you will have a happy retirement. I have no Petworth comparables to show you. What I can show you is that the only thing your comments reveal is that you only value taste and money. And you are willing to express this to anyone who will listen over the internet. The previous owners of this house smoked crack, the current owners, my friends, are clean and a whole lot cooler than you will ever be.

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