Ft. Totten to Get a 7-11 Plus Other Development News

7-Eleven - 1

Thanks to a reader for sending the above photo and news about Ft. Totten’s imminent arrival of a 7-11. “The address of the building is 5210 3rd Street NE, but the store is actually on Galloway St NE, right across from the Metro Station in the Ft. Totten Station Apartment building.”

And in other Ft. Totten news The Washington Post had a big article today titled, An uptown vision for a ’50s neighborhood. They write:

“The Morris and Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation is driving the development on a 17-acre plot it owns between the Fort Totten Metro station and South Dakota Avenue NE. The project, which would be completed over eight years and has an estimated price tag of $425 million, would give a 21st century makeover, complete with sleek buildings of glass, slate and brick, to a 1950s-era neighborhood filled with three-story brick buildings and mature trees.”

You can read the rest of the story here.

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  • Great News…

  • What happened to the other development planned over there? Looking at the map, seems like this would be right by the Metro so if the apartments are affordable I think it’s a win-win.

  • I think the “other development” SingLikeSassy is referring to is the one up on Riggs Road and South Dakota… but looks like nothing is really happening there… either way, this new development is great news for the Ft Totten area… a nice grocery story would be great!!!

  • 7-11. Gross. Hello fluorescent lights.

  • Wow! This will be great… I am actually looking forward to the 7-11 opening even… shows how hard up I am for a walkable grocery store.

  • This is great news for Fort Totten and Petworth North!!!!!

  • Here is a neighborhood celebrating a 7-11. I agree, I think it’s a good development. But the next person complaining about development in Columbia Heights can look to this article. We have it too good here with all these businesses wanting to open.

  • MandarinZazz – so true (We do have Taco Bell / KFC, now featuring grilled chicken and ‘On the Run’ free water w/ your coffee!!

    I would love to have IHOP, Chipotle and whatever else Columbia Heights does not want I will deal with additional traffic etc. A grocery store somewhere between Giant / Safeway and Whole Foods would be nice Harris Teeter (stretch goal) – Muriel Bowser / Harry Thomas are you listening???? Nice affordable housing is a plus would be nice even if it come with the obligatory 300k condos

    [email protected]’ Fort Totten Square and ABDO’s development in Brookland are all needed and welcome

    Re: Article”This is too grand for this area,” Gibbs said. “This is not Wisconsin Avenue or Bethesda.”

    I am concerned that this attitude may be too prevalent. No stores have even been named. I am sure Tiffany is not renting space on SD Avenue

  • Good news indeed. With regard to the development at S.Dakota and Riggs, I’ve contacted Muriel Boweser’s offcie numerous times and they say they have no news on why the redevelopment did not start this past summer. Clearly BS. My guess is that they;re waiting for the realestate market to warm up (and that’ll talke some time in our neighborhood).

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