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“Dear PoP,

After last weekend frolicking in the wilds of Virginia followed by a solid week of rain, the dog was in serious need of a bath. But with no hope for a warm day for a backyard hosing, and the certainty of Sasquach sized hair clogs in the bathtub, I remembered seeing a self-dog-wash place near Adams Morgan and decided to give it a try.

It was truly life changing! Remember that scene in the Wizard of Oz where they come in all bedraggled from the journey and get all buffed and brushed so effortlessly?

Raised metal tubs, aprons, warm water, shampoo, towels, blow dryers (too scary for my dog, but a nice option) plus friendly helpful staff. Basic wash for a mid-size dog is only $16.00, with discount for first-timers. This was truly one of those “where have you been all my life!” moments. Would be great to see them open a branch in CH or Petworth, but meanwhile the trek to Adams Morgan is well worth it.

How often should one generally wash a dog?

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  • wait. 16 bucks and you are still the one doing the washing? I would pay 16 bucks if THEY washed it. Otherwise all do the self washing at my house for free

  • I disagree with [email protected] My dog freaks out in my bathtub – I think because it is small in a small space.

    I don’t wash him very often, but I agree that Laundromutt provides a really valuable service. There are hardly any grooming places in the city – the last time I had him done (@ four years ago) it cost $75!!! Fine if you can auto to the ‘burbs for a cheapie at PetSmart, but that’s not an option in the city.

  • $16 is totally worth it for not having to clean up my bathroom afterward, including the bottle of Drano to clear out the fur clog from the pipes.

    Our pup gets a bath every few months, unless she rolls in something particularly nasty. We might have to check out this place next time she’s due for a wash.

  • Cheapies at Petsmart are not an option…everytime I take my dog there it seems to cost upwards of $50 (closer to $80). This place is great, my shower doors prevent me from being able to easily wash my dog and when the weather gets cold the only options are nice friends or this place. Plus I believe the money is supporting a dog rescue group (but could be wrong about that). And they clean up your mess! totally worth $16!

  • The Laundormutt also is owned by a local rescue group so part of the profits go to helping out homeless pets… another plus!

  • If $16 sounds a little steep, please consider that LaundroMutt is affiliated with Homeward Trails Animal Rescue.

    From their website:
    “PetMAC LaundroMutt will provide a new revenue stream for Homeward Trails, thus allowing us to rescue even more animals. So the more baths you take and the more all-natural items you buy, the more homeless animals are helped.”

  • Every few months? Does the dog ever leave the house? Just generally being a dog and doing dog things means Cash gets dirty enough every week to necessitate a bath.

    It’s not his favorite thing in the world, but he’s getting his bath in the basement tub or if it’s nice outside, with a hose in the driveway. Can’t imagine paying $16 for something so easy to do at home. Although my dog is only 30 lbs.

  • I took the pup out to one of these places in Vienna with some friends. It was nice, obviously that was a special occasion b/c we were visiting folks out there anyway, and I’ve been considering taking her to the one of these that we have on the Hill. (Forget the name; it’s near Safeway)

    However, since my pup has hair rather than fur, baths are too frequent to worry about hopping in the car every time she smells a little funny. In the summer, I just throw her in the shower with me once a week and that’s that. In the winter, she doesn’t need to be washed quite as much, but it’s nice to do it at home so she can dry off in front of the fire.

    I guess what I trade for having a dog that doesn’t shed, I make up for in frequent bathing.

  • Pretty good price. I like Chateau Animaux in Capitol Hill, which is priced comparatively. Frequency really depends on the dog – skin issues, if/how much he/she sheds, stinkiness. Weekly baths can be too frequent for many dogs and can cause problems. My dog is the every few months type (unless he rolls in cat poo).

  • I have a husky. They dont really smell bad. All the books said they only need a bath every few months. Surprisingly, they are correct, dirt and mud just roll off the outer guard hairs. Only if she rolls in something bad or goes wallowing in a mud pit does she really need washed. Now the shedding… completely batshit crazy.

  • I wash my lab once a month, right before I put his flea and heartworm meds on him. He likes baths, but my new place is not conducive to indoor dog washing, and I am so going to take him there this winter. And it supports a cause I believe in, not the corporatocracy that I occassionally and reluctantly end up supporting.

  • I have a large dog that doesn’t need a bath often unless she rolls in something or decides to go swimming in a creek/river/lake/bay/ocean. This place is a god send for urban dwellers, especially in the winter time when an outdoor hose won’t do.

  • This reads like such a plant

  • Petsmart/Petco, whatever….be careful this is the same group that supported Sandra Cortez who just got out of jail for the 6 months time spent re her abuse of 112 dogs and burial of ~ 23 other dogs in Manassas, VA, working out of Petwhatever selling stolen and un-innoculated dogs in a multistate area. This company supports sick individuals who pretend to be animal lovers but are in fact serious abusers who gather/sell these dogs only for the money and DO NOT innoculate them as stated and house them in crowded cages amidst feces and without food or exercise. Sandra still lives in Annanadale VA on Rose Lane operating a group called Saint Francis of Assissi Rescue.
    She specializes in abuse of the animals and children in her house.

  • I think I read somewhere that Laundromutt’s staff will wash service dogs for free, or maybe at a hefty discount. So there’s another reason to love them.

    And I don’t even have a dog.

    (Figures that the unsupported bashing would come from “anonymous”.)

  • I took my two dogs there – they are labs of the extra large variety and the total cost was just under $60. 27 bucks each. I didn’t pay for anything special except for the nail clippers which I think were like $3 extra. If you have a small dog, the price is reasonable…..if you’ve got a large or extra large dog – -its not really worth the price.

  • I love this place! When I lived in an apartment about a mile or two from there, which didn’t have a bathtub (you try and wash a dog in a shower stall…), it was a lifesaver. They’re nice, the setup is easy, and it’s just sooo much easier than making a mess at home. It also keeps your house from smelling like wet dog, and the long walk home would work off my pup’s post-bath destructive energy.
    Getting a groomer costs a fortune, and this is a great alternative.

  • I have a big dog who I can wash in the tub at home, but every now and again, it’s really nice to to be able to pay a reasonable amount of money to do it elsewhere. They have raised tubs so you can do all the work standing upright, and not have to be kneeling on hard tile, straining your back trying to wrestle with your dog and not spray yourself in the face with the shower head. Its also great that your dog is pretty much dry by the time you get home, so your house doesn’t get covered in dog shake-off.

    I find it hard to justify the expense of a full service groomer (my dog really only needs a bath, no hair cuts, etc) but this place is so much cheaper, and takes all of the hard work out of the process. Its a a real niche.

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