Dear PoP – Band Practice Spaces in DC?

“Dear PoP,

I am in a band that practices in Arlington, but we are desperately looking for a practice space in the district that would let us leave our gear (safely!) and come and go at any hour to practice/record.  I recently read an article about Gold Leaf studios in chinatown, but we haven’t been able to get in contact with the landlord.  This is the first practice space that we have come across (we have been looking for weeks!).”

Anyone familiar with Gold Leaf Studios?  Anyone have any other recommendations for band practice spaces?

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  • My boyfriend’s band (Origin Theory) practices at The Soundry in Virginia (so, not in DC), but they reserve a studio at a specific time each week. I doubt any place will let you come and go as you please–that wouldn’t be too profitable for the landlord.

    For DC spots:

    On a slightly related note: I certainly hope the neighbors that live above my apartment will find a music studio space soon. They’re in desperate need of practice and I, for one, am sick of hearing them jam out. But I guess that belongs in Friday’s Rant posting 🙂

    Good luck!

  • Fight Club DC? google it

  • I’ve heard there are some old warehouses up along NY Avenue or North Capitol that people have been using for practice space, but I don’t have any details to share with you, unfortunately.

  • Fight Club died a long time ago, and was a friend spot, not open to any douche band of bag

  • Band meeting. Jemaine?

  • Oh yeah, I forgot, Fight Club died a long time ago when people realized that 45 year old skateboarders who liked to hang out with tweens in a warehouse weren’t cool.

  • I’ve heard good things about though I don’t know if you’d be able to come and go “at any hour.”

  • Wasn’t DC Mini Gallery planning on offering up its space as art studio or practice space to a certain level of “member”? Is that out? But I dunno. It seems like there are plenty of empty buildings in the city right now . . . seems like a landlord might be willing to take some nominal amount of money and some reasonably responsible users who would keep out the rats and squatters?

  • Yeah, I did the Fight Club thing once or twice a few years ago, and the poster above was right. It was a weird mix of kids and those creepy, 30- or 40-something dudes who like to hang out with them.

  • Bradford–

    i would caution musicians about studio3 in brookland.
    the owner was taken to civil court twice this year (that i know of), accused of wrongfully ‘confiscating’ thousands of dollars of musical equipment from his partners/clients.

    i’ve rented practice space there before without incident, but the owner has accumulated alot of bad blood in DC–Good Clean Fun has a song about him called “SK can suck it”

  • my band uses One World, near the convention center. it is not free, bands have to book the space, and while they provide drums/back line equipment, you can’t just leave all your crap there.

  • A friend’s band practices at One World. It’s in an old carriage house in an alley off of 9th Street, near N Street (the alley’s across from the BP gas station).

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