Cool Zen Sidewalk Garden

IMG_2167, originally uploaded by Prince of Petworth.

This great Zen garden is located near 16th Street and Colorado Ave, NW.

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  • I think what you really meant is check out that sweet sweet caddy!

  • Very nice. I like the color, texture, and sizes of the 3 types of stone. The lighting is a nice touch, though I would have biased it toward the sidewalk to allow for car doors to swing open without hitting them.

    If any readers are thinking of doing something similar, please consider a taller edge restraint to keep the stones at bay. A heavy rain or winter snow shoveling is going to send much of that into the sidewalk and street. Aside from the cost of replacing it, you also don’t want to be liable for tripping hazards or vehicle damage. The city might also frown on it if they think your gravel is clogging storm drain catch basins.

  • Sweet caddy is right. Very nice.

    Rocks for use as projectiles in the easement … not so nice.

  • Seems a bit short-sighted to me… Sure, it looks nice now, but as people walk across it over time, that sidewalk is gonna be strewn with little pebbles, and the loose border of larger rocks will totally disappear.

  • Pretty damn ugly

  • Actually, that’s 14th street, for those who are keeping track.

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