H Street Country Club Gets New Master Mixologist, Gina Chersevani


H Street Country Club is located at 1335 H Street, NE. It’s probably most well known for its mini-golf located on the second floor. Personally, I’m a huge fan of bar shuffleboard. So, now that they’ve been open for a bit, I’m wondering what folks think of the spot? I’ve heard mixed reviews. Do you think an improved drink selection will improve the spot? How’s the food? How are the crowds?

You can see the full press release about the new mixologist after the jump.

“After an extraordinary reception by Washingtonians this summer, The H Street Country Club will be shaking things up this fall with the support of Master Mixologist, Gina Chersevani. The bar will feature an updated beverage program that includes inventive creations by Chersevani, whose artistic cocktails have been highlighted in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and The Washington Post.

Chersevani has become a nationally recognized talent with strong roots in the Washington, DC area. Her career includes leading roles at Rasika and Smith’s PS7’s Restaurant where inspired drinks landed her on the cover of The Beverage Journal’s “10 Mixologists to Watch” for 2008 and catapulted her to the top of her profession. Chersevani’s consulting engagement with H Street Country Club displays her gift of blending ingenious beverages that masterfully complement the uniqueness of the space and the food.

“We wanted to work with Gina since the conception of H Street Country Club, but timing didn’t work out until now. We are excited about her creations and can’t wait to share her remarkable cocktails with everyone”, said owner Blair Zervos.

One of the most innovative concepts in Washington, H Street Country Club lays claim to the only miniature golf course in the city serving food created by celebrated, James Beard-Award winner Chef Ann Cashion and offers an already extensive and renowned cocktail menu. With the addition of Chersevani’s creative force behind the beverage program, H Street Country Club looks to establish itself as one of DC’s best options for food, drink and fun.

The H Street Country Club is open daily from 5:00 p.m. – 2:00 a.m. Sunday through Thursday and from 5:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. The restaurant is located at 1335 H Street NE, Washington D.C. Walk-ins are welcome. To contact the restaurant, please call 202-399-HSCC (4722). For more information about H Street Country Club, visit www.hstreetcountryclub.com.”

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  • I want to like HStreet Country club but both times I went there It was packed with douche. Did you know some people STILL pop their collars? I guess Hstreet is no longer scary to the caphill crowd? I think its time for Joe to get to work on a new drinking burrough. Im thinking deanwood? or how bout heading back to NW and throwing a bone to MTP Street

  • i was just going to say the same thing – i really wanted to like it, but when i went it was like the whole crowd from Clarendon Ballroom had teleported over. Took forever to get drinks. No thanks.

  • anon: good luck finding a bar in deanwood. liquor stores, yes, but a place to sit down with a beer (legally)—not so much.

  • I agree, but I was going to say the douche crowd from Rocketbar had migrated.

  • IMGoph I think that’s his point – Joe Englert should strike out for greener pastures, his work on H Street is done.

    H Street, however, is not. Little Miss Whiskeys FTW!

  • actually you know where has a lot of character that could use a few englert creations? Rhode Island Ave for that mile stretch before you hit the Maryland Border.

  • Anyone new behind the bar would be fantastic. I went a few weeks ago and the bartender had trouble hearing, couldn’t do basic math, and then had trouble understanding what it meant to pay separately for shuffleboard and a drink tab.

  • tried to play pool there last night and was told that even though all of the tables were open there was a group using the area and we couldn’t play. what a letdown… perhaps if they had decent beer it would have been worth staying for a drink…but it wasn’t.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I love the name ‘mixologist’.

  • I went second weekend it was open. Quote from a guy standing next to me, “So this is what it’d look like if the Nazi’s had won the war”

  • I think its all due to the name “Country Club” which of course was tongue in cheek BUT. I think just the name subliminally drew in a far douchier crowd than usual. The type of crowd people had been going to H Street to get away from. sigh.

  • As an adams morgan resident I am all to happy to have H Street Funnel away some of the bridge and tunnel. Adams Morgan I feel is already far more managable on the weekends than it was in the hayday. Looking forward to it become even more low key.

  • If the douche crowd has made it to H st, is no part of the city safe???

    Is Adams Morgan actually less douch-ey these days? I took a date there a few months ago for dinner and it had never occurred to him that people lived there and that there were actually good restaurants to eat at in addition to drink at (he lived in Clarendon).

    I feel like monkey might have an opinion on this…

  • From the title I was expecting to read a press release about a new DJ that had been hired.
    I don’t have much experience with H ST but I think those places are more than happy to take whoever they can get, “douchey” or not. It’s a surprise that anyone ventures there considering how sketchy most of that area remains. I guess the advent of the bridge crowd means that the area has finally arrived or is arriving. I see it as definitely on the upswing and kudos to the visionaries that saw and still see it coming. But it’s still pretty dicey, much more so than Adams Morgan.

  • Went there a few weekends ago. Mini-golf was pretty cool, but also irritating because a smaller group was behind us and we felt like we were holding them up. Ate some food afterwards upstairs and the waitress was way too attentive, came by about 2 mins after we got our food asking if we were done, wanted to get us new drinks when we had 75% of our drink left, and the place wasn’t even busy. We had to leave because the waitres gave off such a horrible vibe and wouldn’t leave us alone to enjoy our food and drink. Probably won’t go back again for several months hoping crazy waitress is gone.

  • As a suburban douche whose sole saving grace is an acknowlegement of his own douchiness, I can speak with authority. Hillrat pretty much summed up H Street Country Club: DC needs douche dollars; residents who can live without the douchiness go elsewhere. And serving a drink with a bug in it? WTF?

    Go Little Miss Whiskeys or GTFO.

  • I recently went (9/5) had the same experience as anon 12:43, we assumed the waitress upstairs was just all coked up.

  • ok, i get sketchy, but douchiness? land sakes…you young people!!! always with the new words for…um…sleaze?

  • Alright, so we compromise. Mix sleaziness with douchiness and slumming and you get “slooshiness.” It’s when you try too hard to raise your street cred by slumming in edgy neighborhoods, but secretly you’re ashamed to admit you really don’t belong there.

    Kinda like that uncomfortable feeling you get when you’re not sure whether that fart had some poop in it.

  • @monkey, would that be a splart?

  • I went a few weekends ago, and actually had dinner, drinks, and played some pool, so we could get the full experience. Not very crowded, but the people who were there seemed very college-y or bridge & tunnelly, but they weren’t really douchey. The dinner was fantastic – I had the tres gorditas. The margaritas were delish – we had the swirl frozen ones. Our dinner table was right at the end of the mini golf course – kind of seemed like an afterthought kind of table, where they realize they need more tables and kind of stuck one in. It was fun to watch all the people playing mini golf, though. After dinner we went downstairs, put our name in for shuffleboard, but while waiting for a table to open, a pool table opened up so we just played some pool. Easy to get drinks at the bar, easy enough to move around to play pool. We had gone kind of early, but as we were leaving the place seemed to be filling up a bit more. I enjoyed it less crowded. Can’t believe hillrat’s experience with the fruit flies – that’s disgusting.

    Long story short – for dinner+drinks+games, go earlier and it’s fun. Worth the $8 cab ride.

  • I guess change is inevitable somewhere like H Street, but man, do I ever miss the Argonaut before it went all upscale and started attracting so many couples with their annoying babies. It used to have amazing soul food and a great, diverse neighborhood crowd.

  • argonaut “upscale”? lol.

  • I guess you haven’t been there recently, or don’t remember it back when it first opened. The change has been rather dramatic.

  • i have been there recently (a few times across the past year or so, most recently 3 weeks ago) – has it changed dramatically in the last two years?

  • Gina just helped ’em design the cocktails on the menu. She’s not leaving her regular gig at PS7’s… She just sees this as a favor to her friends…

  • eric: yes, it has changed. it used to be a lot more “inexpensive pub”-like, now it’s more “laid-back bistro”-like.

    not a bad thing for them, they’re clearly doing well, and the neighborhood supports them fully. but yeah, it has changed.

  • Hey leave Argonaut alone! They do have some higher priced items than before, but it’s still a burger and fish taco kinda place if that’s to your desire.

    HSCC (see how cool I am to abbreviate it!?) is a lot of fun. The dining room is a bit too expensive for a loud place where people are playing mini golf close by, but I still like it.

    And if all the uber-cool alternative, baby-hating tattooed people commenting above starting going there in droves, it would be a “cooler” place, and the douches, (whoever that is) would go away.

  • Bring the development to Kennedy St. It’s a great neighborhood downtown street that just needs a little love…

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